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  • The Community of Fluffiness

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    The Community of Fluffiness
    Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbow
    Capitol Turnal
    Largest City Turnal
    Official languages Esperanto
    Ethnic groups
    Religion ()
    Demonym(s) Fluffinesian
    Government Democratic Republic
    Head of Environmental Protection Don Levine
    Head of Industrial Production Quinn Tempest
    Head of International Relations Toroi Denkya
    Head of the Judicial System Noah Fessenden
    Head of Military Rachel Fergus
    Head of Public Health Frida Barillero
    Head of Social Affairs Mathias Wilson
    Executive The Council
    Legislative The Assembly
    Judicial Federal Judicial Court
    • Total 1,238,678.70
    • Water (%)
    November 2021 94,139,581
    Density 76/km²
    GDP (nominal) estimate
    • Total
    • Per capita
    Gini ()
    HDI (November 2021) 72.19
    Currency Fluff
    (F) (FLF)
    National Animal Pink fluffy unicorn
    Time zone
    Date format yyyy-mm-dd
    Driving side Right
    Calling code
    ISO 3166 code FL
    Internet TLD .fluff

    Fluffiness is less a nation than a community. It is guided by its Core Principles.




    Modern-day Fluffiness has been founded around November 2017, succeeding the Democratic Socialist Republic of Fluffiness, which had been established in the end of the XIXth century.

    First traces of humans date back from Paleolithic. The first People came from the east, following the coast. They first settled in the south-east coast, before spreading along the coast, and south of the Suwari desert to the Nothapp Mountains. Several caves in these mountains have been painted from then to the early Neolithic. Before the Neolithic, the few traces showing signs of settlements in the northern parts of Fluffiness suggest only seasonal camps during summer. This continued in the Neolithic, until the early Bronze Age, when several settlements were created in the Whimsea Mountains. They flourished by trading bronze, and then iron, gold and other minerals until modern day.

    As the Bronze age began, the first "civilizations" appeared in the south-east, when several towns allied themselves. The first writings we have in Fluffiness come from this Culture. (Writing itself came from abroad.) This is currently called the Nothwene Culture, as the first ruins of such a city was found in the Nothwene region. Pottery were widespread, differing in style in the different Regions of Fluffiness. During this period, a Climate change made the Suwari desert to temporarily be replaced by plains and clump of trees. Several predators, now extinct, lived in this Environment. Even though these plains weren't very fertile, small villages grew in the Suwari. Trade was established between the Whimsea Mountains and the south coast not only west of the Nothapp range, but also through the Suwari. The city of Atray on the coast of the Suwari became a Trade hub and evolved through centuries. However, wealthy as it was, many other cities viewed it with envy.

    At the dawn of the Iron age, as the Suwari began to dry, Atray faced several huge food shortages. The nomadic Xianlo, coming from the East, destroyed the city before continuing south. They subsequently founded the city of Xianze, one of the oldest city of Fluffiness still inhabited (although almost no buildings from this period still remain). A small fraction of the Xianlo settled in the Suwari, where they still live a nomadic life.

    In May 2018, relation with Amerion were tense, after members of Rep. Murlow's family were abducted and murdered by special forces from this country.

    In 2019, Fluffiness began to draw more ties with Lazarus countries, for instance endorsing about a hundred of them. In June 2019, the railroad from Guiness Freaks to Fluffiness, passing through Loftegen 2 (now Loftegen 3) was completed in a matter of seconds, thanks to Lady Zaharra. It is said that the following night was the drunkest night in Fluffiness ever.




    Fluffiness hosts the World Community Games, and boycotts Olympic Games host by Dictatorships.


    The press operates freely in Fluffiness. Some of the most well-known news Media are Sturnia News, The Nozfo Press, factdigester.fluff and The Turnal Herald.


    There are several Languages spoken in Fluffiness :
    • Esperanto : Since 1887, there has been a sizeable portion of the population who speak Esperanto
    • English : Due to the overwhelming presence of English on the international stage, most Fluffinesians know at least some basic English
    • Nodwinj : A descendant language from the Nothwene culture, one of the first bronze age civilization to establish itself in Fluffiness. It's mostly a regional language, spoken in the South-east of the country.
    • Xianlo : Another regional language, spoken by the nomads in the Suwari desert.
    • Other regional Languages

    In Nodwinj, the "j" would be pronounced almost as in John in English (/d͡ʑ/).
    In Xianlo, the X would be pronounced as in shoot (/ʃ/) if at the start of a word. Otherwise, it's a "tch" (/t͡ʃ/).
    (You can hear these pronounciations here : https://www.ipachart.com/)



    Organization of the state​ (top)

    Every person being more than 17 years old in Fluffiness is a citizen and may take part in political processes.

    The Council

    It's the organism which represents Fluffiness abroad. They are consulted when in need of a quick decision.
    The current members con be found on the People of Fluffiness

    The Assembly

    It votes Law and discuss new public concerns. It oversees the actions of The Council.
    The current members can be found on the People of Fluffiness

    Political Parties(top)

    • Socialist Party (SP) (left-wing, progressive, socialist), 31 members of the Assembly
    • Liberty for Everyone (LfE) (right-wing coalition, conservative, pro-capitalist), 29 members of the Assembly
    • International Communist Party (ICP) (left-wing, communist, progressive), 28 members of the Assembly
    • Anarchist Federation (AF) (left-wing, progressive, anarcho-communists), 27 members of the Assembly
    • Responsible Citizens (RC) (centrist, progressive, capitalist, anti-corruption), 17 members of the Assembly
    • Acknillan Worker's Party (AWP) (left-wing, anarcho-socialist, People from Acknilla), 17 members of the Assembly
    • North-Eastern Voter Union (NEVU) (left-wing, progressive), 15 members of the Assembly
    • Marchenoirean Minority Party (MMP) (centre-left, representing People from Marche Noire), 9 members of the Assembly
    • Sovereign Communist Movement (SCM) (left-wing, communist, nationalist), 5 members of the Assembly
    • Whimsea Secessionist Front (WSF) (Whimsean-nationalism, secessionists), 1 member of the Assembly
    • Empty seats, representing blank or null votes, 14

    Demographics​ (top)


    International Relations(top)

    See the requirements for endorsing a country.


    Shareholder (Citizen)

    Lazarus Card Guild
    Member and Stockholder

    2022-01-17 - Present

    2022-01-10 - Present

    Regional History(top)

    Since the founding of Fluffiness, this country has mostly (except at the very beginning) resided in Lazarus. Fluffiness started under the delegacy of Imkiville and continued to alternate between existing and ceasing to exist under the delegacy of Treadwellia. Fluffiness got accepted to Shareholder status (citizenship) on 2021-10-21. It then went on to be among the first members of the Lazarene Card Guild, and was part of the early wave of stockholders on the Lazarus Stock Ownership Game organized by -Deadeye Jack.


    Fluffiness maintains a small army. Its primary use is to defend the country against aggressions. However, it is mostly engaged in provided relief during emergencies, or sending humanitarian Help abroad.

    The most recent offensive operation, 'Operation Enduring Democracy' aimed at fighting back a former General from Fluffiness, Anakin Starkey, who conducted a coup in a neighbouring nation.
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