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  • Welcome to LazWiki,
    the free encyclopedia that all Lazarenes and visitors can edit.

    This is the page to help you learn how to use LazWiki

    Create a page
    Creating pages is easy to understand once you understand how pages are placed in categories
    You need to familiarize yourself with the Create page menu, which allows page creation


    Create page menu when it is clicked upon
    • Link url requires for words to be together, so New Rogernomics should be added as new_rogernomics for example to keep the two word format
    • Title can be anything you like, but it should be recognizable to you and others
    • Parent node is required to place a page correctly in a category, so Nations should only go in Nations, and Regions only in Regions, and so on
    • Page type should always be bbcode for easy editing
    Many page categories exist, so for instance, Culture pages for a nation should be created in the Culture parent node (category). Ones that don't meet the existing categories can go in Miscellaneous, or you could ask in the discussion of this page for more to be added. If your page is accidently placed in the wrong category, mention it in the discussion of this page so it can be corrected.

    Example Pages
    Below are example nation, region, and character pages that are pre-formatted and easy to copy/paste and use
    • Nation pages
    • Region pages
      • Region: Blank Region - A blank page template for a region
      • Region: Lazarus - A template in use by this region

    Blank Templates
    Below are the blank and unedited templates
    Blank templates will likely require understanding of wiki styling formats, bbcode, and html
    If you are confused by these templates, remember the following formatting rules:
    • Retain the blank | title = of the template, or it will show {{{title}}} in the template for example instead of being blank [wiki formatting rule]
    • The contents menu requires [TOC] to be placed, and at least eleven to twelve blank lines after it to format correctly [wiki formatting rule]
    • Headings generate a menu item on the contents menu, use [Heading=1]Heading[/heading] for instance to create an item for the menu [bbcode formatting rule]
    • HTML tags used for each template are viewable on each template page, for instance <a href="URL link here">URL link title here<a> for links [html formatting rule]
    • You may want to familiarize yourself with all the BBcodes available for use on the forum to help you further customize your pages [bbcode formatting rule]

    Regional and National Styling Elements
    Here are some styling elements found on wikipedia that can be useful
    These will require linking or uploading of the image onto your page:
    • Positive Increase
    • Stable/Neutral
    • Negative increase
    • Magnify clip (for picture/demographic boxes)
      | magnify_image=[IMG][/IMG]
    Audio player: | anthem_music=[Media=audio][/Media]
    The audio player can be cosmetic feature for a page, even if you do not have an audio track for your anthem.

    Table alignment styling elements
    Here are some styling elements found on wikipedia that can be useful
    By default text normally does not always wrap around tables or content, even though the preview shows it doing so. These codes fix this issue.
    [LFLOAT][/LFLOAT] - Aligns table or content left
    Header Title 1Header Title 2Header Title 3
    Content 1Content 2Content 3
    Content 4Content 5Content 6

    [RFLOAT][/RFLOAT] - Aligns table or content right
    Header Title 1Header Title 2Header Title 3
    Content 1Content 2Content 3
    Content 4Content 5Content 6

    Small templates
    Here are some additional templates to enhance a page

    Test Nation

    From LazWiki, the free encyclopedia​
    This requires the template, and then the following:
    primary-header=Test Nation
    [HR][/HR][INDENT]From LazWiki, the free encyclopedia[/INDENT]

    Right aligned thumbnail box​
    Caption of image
    Left aligned thumbnail box
    Caption of image

    Other uses, such as an image gallery:
    Left aligned thumbnail box
    Image gallery
    Goldie bot
    Regional flag of Lazarus
    Caption of gallery

    Image requirements: Magnify clip (for picture/demographic boxes)
    | magnify_image=[IMG][/IMG]

    Recommended Image and Audio Sources
    Not all sources of images are open source or attribution-free, and many are copyrighted, which might mean them having to be removed from this site or others.

    While the principle of attributing work is necessary, it is a pain for anyone who isn't a business and just wants an image for non-commercial personal enjoyment.

    The following are some great sources of images, audio, and videos, which have been released by their authors into partial public domain:
    • Pixabay is a good source of images, videos, as well as audio files you could use for your anthem,
    • Pexels is a good source of images and videos,
    • And finally, so is Unsplash another good source of images and videos.
    There are more you could find, but these are recommended for being open source for projects, especially anything academic where you want images for a PowerPoint.

    SVG Files
    SVGs do not work in image uploads on XenForo for security reasons and scaling reasons it will not upload. They will work as an image link in a template however.

    This is what is used for the regional map for example: SVG template
    The url goes in here: svg_url=imageurlgoeshere, and the width of the image goes in here: width=1800

    So if the svg template was added to a page, it would look like this:
    How the regional map of Lazarus is shown on the page with a width of 1800 pixels

    Unfortunately, there are few svg hosts and Xenforo does not permit svg uploads by default for security reasons.

    Change log
    Here are change notes about what has changed with LazWiki
    08/12/2022: Added updated audio tag, updated svg image example, and added description of Media open source media sources
    10/18/2021: Added svg image template
    10/19/2021: Added subtitle tag to nation name

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Here are some issues you may encounter using the wiki
    Q1: Why hasn't my page infobox updated?

    The wiki will clear and update its cache eventually, but if you want to speed this process up, follow these directions:
    1. Copy your infobox bbcode in bbcode mode such as to a notepad. Note: If you do lose this code, previous versions of your page will be listed in the History section of your page.
    2. Having saved the infobox bbcode in a safe place, you can now safely edit it out of your wiki page.
    3. Save the page, which now has the infobox removed.
    4. Edit and copy/paste your infobox bbcode back into the page.
    5. It should now be updated.
    Q2: How do I add an image or video to my page?

    The editor provides the following options:
    • an image upload option,
    • an image link option,
    • a GIF option,
    • media option i.e. YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and so on.
    • adding a url of a popular media to the page i.e. YouTube videos.
    • and depending on the image or media, you can select a website page, and copy elements if not in the bbcode mode.

    This is a view of the image upload option in the editor

    Note: If you are adding an image or media into a nation or region infobox, there may be set dimensions, so a url of an image or media is best used for some infobox sections.

    Q3: How do I copy the page style of a page?

    Answer: On every page there is a History tab, click on this tab, and then click on Current Version (or View for earlier versions) and you will be able to copy the page bbcode and templates.

    Q4: What if I have further questions?

    You can also post your questions in the discussion of this page or message New Rogernomics via discord, telegram, or a private message (conversation) on this forum.
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