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Nov 4, 2022
Guide to the Forum
This will detail the features of this forum, so you can understand how it operates.

Forum Text Editor Guide

This will detail how to use the Text Editor on the forum.

Firstly, this is what the Forum Text Editor looks like:


Example of posting an introduction thread in The Lobby

Text editing options​

  • B stands for Bold text
  • I stands for italic text
  • TT stands for text size
  • A stands for Font type
  • U stands for underline text
  • S stands for text straight-through

Color editing options​


Example of the color palette
  • You can select a color from the default colors
  • You can use a hex color
  • You can erase the color that was set

Linking text options​


Example of options to add a text link
  • You can link text with the editor

List options​


Example of the list options
  • Ordered list, which is a numbered list
  • Unordered list, which uses bullet points
  • Indent, equivalent to putting text one tab inwards
  • Outdent, which puts the text outwards

Text alignment options​


Example of text alignment options
  • Align text left,
  • Align text center,
  • Align text right,
  • Justify text

Paragraph text options​


Example of the paragraph text options

Example of a heading [Heading=3][/HEADING] applied to create a menu[/I]
  • You can set to normal text
  • You can set to heading text, which will enlarge and space the paragraph
  • Heading text also adds a contents menu on the post, which requires a blank line between it to auto link.

Image upload/linking options​


Example of the image drop box and image linking options
  • You can upload an image (which has an upload limit)
  • You can link an image



Example of the emotions/emojis available
  • This is a menu of emotions or emojis that can be put into posts



Example of some gifs available
  • You can search and place gifs or animated gifs into posts

Table options​


Example of the table maker menu
  • You can create tables to put into posts

Horizontal line​


Example of the horizontal line option
  • This adds a horizontal line into a post

Media options​


Example of the insert media option

Example of the upload audio option[/I]
  • You can insert media urls from various sites
  • You can upload audio files (which has an upload limit)

Insert code​


Example of the option to show code in posts
  • Options to display code in posts

Quote/Spoiler tags​

  • Quote/spoiler tags allow images or text to be hidden

Line break options​

  • Shift + Enter stops line breaks between quotes in the text editor.

Undo/redo options​

  • Undo/redo options allow actions in the editor to be reversed or completed again

Remove formatting options​


Example of the above menu options
  • Remove formatting from posts with the eraser
  • This will not work if the formatting is set in BB code view, which is the [ ] icon.

BB code editing view​


Example of the text editor in BB code editing mode
  • This view allows viewing the BB code formatting of a post
  • This view is important to edit/fix/add code that is hard to view in visual mode

Preview mode​


Example of the preview mode option
  • This shows the true preview of the post/thread, unlike the visual view (default)

More options menus​


Example of more options menus
  • More options menus will display depending on the size of your screen
  • More options menus will show additional options, such as sup1

Full BB Code List​

To view all the other BB Codes available visit BB Codes in Help

User Profile/account options menu​


Example of the profile/account options menu
  • This allows you edit all aspects of your forum account

Forum Position Color Codes​


All of these colors exist in the forum text editor, though most exist after this point in green

[COLOR=rgb(180, 218, 85)]Delegate[/COLOR]

Vice Delegate
[COLOR=rgb(234, 118, 255)]Vice Delegate[/COLOR]

Prime Minister
[COLOR=rgb(20, 219, 209)]Prime Minister[/COLOR]

Assembly Speaker
[COLOR=rgb(207, 122, 117)]Assembly Speaker[/COLOR]

Deputy Speaker
[COLOR=rgb(233, 180, 97)]Deputy Speaker[/COLOR]

Cabinet or Cabinet Ministers
[COLOR=rgb(38, 99, 215)]Cabinet or Cabinet Ministers[/COLOR]

Deputy Ministers
[COLOR=rgb(53, 146, 215)]Deputy Ministers[/COLOR]

Court Justice or Court
[COLOR=rgb(226, 114, 52)]Court Justice or Court[/COLOR]

Councillors of Lazarene Security or Council on Lazarene Security
[COLOR=rgb(165, 161, 26)]Councillors of Lazarene Security or Council on Lazarene Security[/COLOR]

Executive Council or Executive Councilors
[COLOR=rgb(163, 143, 132)]Executive Council or Executive Councilors[/COLOR]

Citizen or Assembly
[COLOR=rgb(23, 172, 134)]Citizen or Assembly[/COLOR]

[COLOR=rgb(250, 197, 28)]Legislation[/COLOR]

[COLOR=rgb(251, 160, 38)]Mandate[/COLOR]

Root administrator
[COLOR=rgb(209, 213, 216)]root administrator[/COLOR]


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