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Embassy of Ridgefield

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Jun 23, 2019

Hello Lazarus;

My administration and I want to say thank you for this special relationship. Since 2018 the Augustin Alliance, and Lazarus have had a joint treaty for the Anti-Pacific. Now I like for our regions, Ridgefield and Lazarus continue this historic relationship. I believe we will establish a new era of closeness, celebratation of Cultures, and learn about each other’s history! This embassy is exactly what we were seeking! We look forward to working with you, and we will be posting updates as often as we can!
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Cabinet Shuffle: This month the administration said goodbye to The Ysion as they departed from the position of Director of Relations. Lairebach became the new Director of Relations, leaving their post as Chief of Police. Armed Republic of Patec is the newest face in the cabinet becoming Chief of Police! A big thank you to each of these individuals!

Judicial Reform: The Justice Department and the Mayor passed the Judicial Reform Act of 2021 recently. The Mayor was quoted for saying this; “Having a separate, fair, and impartial Justice Department is a key component to this administration! This amendment only enhances the idea of making this happen!”

Speaker’s Office:

Major achievements: Bill for the debate on the flag of the region.

Foreign Affairs: Ridgefield added the embassy of Entropy, and is currently working out a gameside embassy with Lazarus. There will be a Foreign Affairs reform bill in the next couple of months.

Mayor’s Office: Please find the Mayor’s report here: https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1545465

Roleplay News: Ridgefield is looking for 4 more volunteers to be a part of Ridgefield Baseball tournament of champions! Contact Noble Titans to register! The administration is going to be setting up a task force to look at setting up a revival task force to discuss how to fix the RP problem in the town!
Ridgefield Monthly Report August 2021

1. Mayor’s Office: Noble Titans this month established relations with Lazarus, passed the Judicial Reform Act of 2021, and was re-elected as Vice President of the URA! For August, NT will celebrate their 3rd month in office. The Mayor is working on a Mayor build back directive which should be released in next month’s update.
2. Foreign Policy Success: The Foreign Affairs Department is celebrating the embassy with Lazarus. We saw the hire of Deputy Director of Relations, Neues Lubeck, who the Mayor praised for their efforts to step up immediately upon joining the region. This month the region looks to work on an embassy with The North Pacific, and the continuing expansion of its Foreign Affairs Department.
3. Justice Department: The Department saw the Judicial Reform Act of 2021 pass with ease as they are now recognized as a separate branch of government. The mayor, and town judge both agreed that independence from the Mayor’s office eliminates corruption, creates trust for the citizens, and serves as a check on the Mayor. The Department saw it’s first Judicial Order allowing the Justice Department to issue subpoenas. This came hours later after the Mayor admitted that the Justice Department deserves that power. They also welcomed neuthuringia as the first Attorney General! We wish them good luck with the role!
4. Cultural Affairs: Cultural Affairs was slow this month as the Mayor’s office is currently looking for a permanent replacement for Hagramma who expressed they would step down due to RL demands once a replacement was named. NT expressed his best wishes, and called Hagramma a dear friend who revolutionized the Cultural Affairs department. Even as to going on to say Hagramma will always have a role in government whenever they were ready to return! Ridgefield is always here for you Hagramma![/B]
Do we have anyone interested in participating in the 2021 Ridgefield Baseball Tournament of Champions?
Hello friends!

Ridgefield is still active. My old discord account Noble Titans got hacked from the free discord nitro link. We are still active and are actively revamping our news to get you the best information monthly!
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