Renaissance Accords

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Jun 18, 2021
Lazarene Dino
The Renaissance Accords

The governments of The Rejected Realms and Lazarus, hereafter jointly referred to as "the signatories",

Recognizing the extensive history of cooperation and friendship that has existed between our regions,

Noting the circumstances which led to the fall of previous treaties and pacts,

However believing that past instability is no longer a concern and closer relations are once again a viable aim,

Hereby agree as follows::

Article 1 - Diplomatic Recognition

1. The signatories recognize the constitutional governments legally established under the Constitution of The Rejected Realms and the Twelfth Mandate of Lazarus, and any successors established according to each region's domestic legal standards, as the sole legitimate governments of their respective home regions, respectively.

2. The signatories respect the right of these legitimate governments to govern their respective home regions.

Article 2 - Non-Aggression

1. The signatories will not invade each others' home region, nor participate in any action with the intent to overthrow the other's legitimate government as recognized in these accords.

2. The signatories will not in any way, direct or indirect, initiate or participate in espionage, subterfuge, or other clandestine operations against each other.

3. Military operations where the signatories are involved in opposite sides shall not, in and of themselves, be automatically construed as acts of hostility or aggression on either signatory.

Article 3 - Communication

1. Should a security-related contingency arise in either signatory region, the signatories will notify each other about the threat.

2. Should a security-related contingency arise in another feeder or sinker, or a mutual ally, the signatories will notify each other about their respective positions on the matter.

Article 4 - Cultural Cooperation

1. The signatories shall endeavor to conduct communal cultural activities, to the benefit of members of both regions.

Article 5 - Final Provisions

1. These accords will come into effect upon its ratification by the duly authorized individuals or bodies of both signatory regions.

2. Either signatory may terminate these accords with a public notice to the other signatory, effective after seven days.
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