World Assembly Delegate Security Act


The Domster!


Nov 6, 2018
World Assembly Delegate Security Act

Recognising the unique Position of the Lazarus WA delegate among other regions, we hereby lay the foundations to ensure a safer and more secure Lazarus.

Hostile Nations

This act hereby defines a hostile nation as a World Assembly member who attempts to overtake the legally elected Supreme Necromancer by gaining, or attempting to gain more endorsements than his/ her nation. This term may also apply to any nation who openly or secretly tries to overthrow the Delegate or any member of the government by any other means except for those detailed in the constitution.

Hostile Regions

This act hereby defines a hostile region as any region who tries to openly or secretly overthrow the legally elected delegate by supporting a hostile nation.

Declaration of Hostile Nations

The Supreme Necromancer may submit any nation to the Yaman Council for consideration of hostility, however he/she must provide just cause for this nation to be considered. The nation must have committed one of the following acts:
1. Telegrammed other WA nations in the region asking them to Unendorse the Delegate.
2. Failed to reduce their number of endorsements after 3 warnings from the Delegate.
3. Requested the help of foreign Militaries to assist them in gaining the WA Delegacy.
4 Repeatedly encouraged WA nations to unendorse the legally elected delegate in favour of another.

A nation may be officially warned by the Supreme Necromancer if it comes within 30 endorsements of the WA delegate nation. The first warning must give the offending nation 5 days to reduce the number of endorsements. If the nation fails to do this, a further warning will be sent giving a further 3 days to make the necessary reduction. If the nation fails to comply a final warning must be sent by the Supreme Necromancer giving the nation a final 3 days to reduce the number of endorsements it carries. After the final 3 days the Supreme Necromancer may bring the issue to the council.
This clause only applies if the nation has only exceeded the Endorsement limit as stated in the clause above. Should the nation be guilty of any of the other offenses, the Supreme Necromancer may bring the issue to vote after only one warning. Should other regions militaries be involved, as in the case of invasions by other regions, no warning is necessary.

The Yaman Council will vote and if a simple majority is reached the submitted nation will declared Hostile.

If a hostile nation is a member of the Yaman Council, their membership shall immediately be suspended. Any member of the Yaman council may motion for a nations hostile status to be removed, however they must present reasonable evidence that they are indeed no longer hostile. This motion must be voted upon by the Yaman council.

A simple majority of the council must be reached in both cases.

Once a nation is declared hostile all WA members who are also citizens of Lazarus will be required to remove their endorsements from the hostile nation. The Supreme Necromancer and the Gatekeeper may also call for the assistance of foreign allies and friends.

The Supreme Necromancer may give permition for any WA nation within the Council to pass the endorsement limit.

Declaration of Hostile Regions

Any region who is found to be orchestrating or supporting an invasion of Lazarus may be submitted to the Yaman Council for consideration by the Supreme Necromancer or the Gatekeeper, however reasonable evidence must be presented with the submission.

A simple majority is required for this declaration.

Any member of the Yaman Council may apply for the declaration to be overturned, however plausable evidence must be submitted that the invasion attempt has ended and will not occur again.

Upon the declaration of a hostile region, any embassy of that region will be closed down and applications to the Yaman council from members of that region shall not be accepted.

At any time during a foreign invasion, the Supreme Necromancer and/or the Gatekeeper may request assistance from foreign allies and friends to support the legal delegate.