The Lazarene Courts of Justice


The Domster!


Nov 6, 2018
The Lazarene Courts of Justice

Headed by a single Lord Justice of Lazarus. The Courts shall be responsible for the interpretation of law and handling of matters deemed criminal in Lazarene law, excluding impeachment. It shall be the responsibility of the Lord Justice of Lazarus to interpret the law whenever called upon or they deem it necessary to settle a dispute and their decision shall become binding precedent, unless overturned or made irrelevant by a subsequent piece of legislation. In the event that the Council disagrees with a decision made by the Lord Justice, precedent can be overturned by a 2/3 majority vote of the Council.

The Lazarene Courts of Justice shall also be responsible for recommending law reform to the Council. the Law Commission shall be an independent branch of the Lazarene Courts , shall be composed of 3 other members, called the Jurors, and headed by the Lord Justice. It shall be the duty of the Law Commission to periodically review the laws of Lazarus to ensure they are still relevant, necessary and functionable. The Law Commission will be responsible for recommending changes to the law for the Council to act upon, but has no power to change the law in itself.

The Lord Justice shall be a position appointed by the Monarch and remain as Lord Justice for 4 months, the Lord Justice can hold no other positions. Should a member of the Council lose confidence in the Lord Justice a Vote of Confidence can be started by any member and would be successful if 2/3 majority of the Council support it.

In the event of a Criminal trial the Justice shall appoint 3 other Jurors to the case. These jurors must be part of the Council but cannot, in any way, be part of nor directly involved with the case brought before the Courts. Decisions shall be made by 2/3 majority by the Jurors and can only be overturned by a 65% vote of the Council.