Pan-Sinker Security Pact


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Nov 6, 2018
Posted?Sep 23, 2012

Pan-Sinker Security Pact

We, the Sinker regions of NationStates, hereby do enact this treaty in solidarity with each other, while recognising the inalienable right of each Sinker region to sovereignty and self-determination:

Article I
The signatories recognize the legitimacy of the regional governments of the original signatories to this treaty at the date this treaty comes into force. The legitimacy of the regional governments of any new signatories at the time their signature is added to this treaty is recognised by all other signatories. The signatories declare that they shall never interfere in the affairs both internal and external of the other signatories, except as provided in Article III.

Article II
The signatories ensure continuing diplomatic relations and agree to open embassies for the other party on their soil, this includes the respective regional forums as well as the in-game region pages. The signatories promise to ensure the continued existence and use of these embassies as long as the alliance prevails.

Article III
The signatories agree to provide military aid to defend the security and sovereignty of other signatories. They will provide this military aid at the request of the other party, or if the signatory believes that a state of emergency exists in which the other party is unable to request military aid. All signatories also agree to support each other in times of war.

Article IV
The signatories agree to provide intelligence information at the request of the other party, as long as this information does not harm their own security or jeopardize ongoing intelligence gathering operations. The signatories are obliged to provide intelligence information to the other party if it refers to an immediate security concern to that party. The signatories must agree not to use the other party to harm the security or sovereignty of another region.

Article V
The signatories may work on military operations beyond those ensured in Article III and both agree that closer military co-operation should be encouraged. However there is no obligation for the signatories to work together on military operations beyond those ensured in Article III.

Article VI:
No signatory shall harbour an individual who attempts, conspires to, or knowingly provides aid to someone attempting to unlawfully seize control of the WA Delegacy of a signatory, as defined by the signatory in question at the time of signing, with reasonable proof of both actus reus (wrongful act) and mens rea (guilty mind).

Article VII:
Should a signatory fail to follow the provisions of this treaty the other signatories shall notify them of this first by private diplomatic channels to the relevant Official(s). Should that not produce any acceptable result with in five days the other signatories shall notify them publicly. Should no satisfactory conclusion be reached still after a further five days the signatory may be ejected by unanimous assent of the other signatories.

Article VIII
A new signatory may be added to this treaty by an amendment to the list of signatories.