Mandate 6.0 (June 5th, 2010)

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Jun 12, 2018
New Rogernomics
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The Constitution of Lazarus
Mandate 6.0


Recognizing the unique and inherent responsibility of authority in Lazarus, we lay forth the following government, to be known as The Lazarus Mandate, along with such policies that will ensure efficient management and orientation of those nations that find themselves amongst the community of Lazarus, whether they are reborn or immigrants.

The Supreme NecromancerThe DraugrThe Emerald Cabinet

- Any nation may be elected to the Emerald Cabinet, assuming there is a vacancy, providing that said nation:
1) Has been registered on the regional forums for 2 full weeks.
2) Is not serving as the Supreme Necromancer.
3) Is a member of the Yaman Council.
4) Is not deemed to be of conflicting interests.

- Nations will be elected to the Cabinet every 2 months, in accordance with the official election procedure.

- In the event that a member of the Emerald Cabinet:
1) Becomes absent on the forums for more than 7 days without prior notice,
2) Leaves Lazarus for a period that exceeds 3 days,
3) Has his/her principal nation deleted through inactivity or misconduct,
Then any member of government may present a motion to the Yaman Council to expel the idle member. A Cabinet member is considered absent without notice if he/she fails to post the details of his/her absence on the forums prior to leaving the region. If a Cabinet member is planning an absence which shall exceed a period of one week, he/she must notify the region, and the Supreme Necromancer and/or the Draugr will serve in his/her absence.

- Any member of the Emerald Cabinet has the option of appointing a deputy to aid him/her in his/her ministry duties during the course of his/her elected term. Deputies must be approved by the Supreme Necromancer.

- In addition to the position of Draugr, the Emerald Cabinet will be comprised of the following positions:

The GatekeeperThe Yaman CouncilElection Procedure

- Elections shall be led by the Draugr. Elections will be held in a 7 day process and will take place in the forums.

- 4 days shall be given to Lazarenes for declaring their candidacies and presenting their platforms. Anyone may ask questions of the candidates.

- 3 days of the election process shall be dedicated to voting. Lazarenes must vote via posts, posting in the respective thread, for their choice of candidate.

- In the event that snap elections are called, they shall follow the normal election procedure as previously stated.

The Undead Horde

- The Undead Horde shall be the official military of Lazarus. It shall be overseen by the Supreme Necromancer and consist of volunteer conscripts from amongst the native forum members.

- if the Supreme Necromancer so chooses, he/she may appoint one general, to be known as Cerberus, who shall be responsible for assisting in missions, the creation of and changes to regulations, and recruiting for the Undead Horde. In order to be considered for the position of Cerberus, a nation must be part of the Yaman Council.