Draft of the First Mandate (2004)

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Jun 12, 2018
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Mandate of Lazarus
-Nex est Tantum a Pupillus Obstaculum-

I. Preamble

Recognizing the unique and inherant responsibility of authority in Lazarus, we lay forth the following government, to be known as the Lazarus Mandate, and such policies that will ensure efficient management and orientation of those nations that find themselves amongst the dead of Lazarus.

II. The Commissions of Lazarus

I. The Intelligence Commission
The Intelligence Commission, to be headed by the Commissioner of Intelligence, is responsible for the gathering and proper distribution of intelligence related to the safety and well being of Lazarus, her government, and her allies. The Commission of Intelligence is given leave to engage in subterfugous acts against non-allied or affiliated regions, provided the UN Delegate has reviewed all pertinant material and feels their is just cause for said acts.

II. The Security Commission
The Security Commission, to be headed by the Commissioner of Security, is responsible for the review of nations in Lazarus that have stood out among their fellows as beligirent, subversive, or present on behalf of a malevolant organization. The Commissioner of Security is specifically responsible for ensuring the domestic security of Lazarus, and making such recommendations to the UN Delegate, that he or she feels reflects the true and imminent intent of potential breaches in national conduct. After an application has been properly submitted to the Immigration Commission for membership on the Lazarean People's Congress, the application will be formally approved only after the Commissioner of Security or the UN Delegate has granted approval. The Commissioner of Security is appointed by the UN Delegate.

III. The Immigration Commission
The Immigration Commission, to be headed by the Commissioner of Immigration, is responsible for the proper dispatch of regional recruiting messages, to be composed at his or her pleasure. The Immigration Commission is also responsible for administrating all applications for a seat on the Lazarean People's Congress.

IV. The UN Affairs Commission
The UN Affairs Commission, to be headed by the Lower Commissioner of UN Affairs, is responsible for the preparation of detailed reports on UN Resolutions and Legislation, and recommending key Proposals for government attention.

V. The Justice Commission
The Justice Commission, to be headed by the High Judge of Lazarus, is responsible for the maintainance of all Lazarus judicial law and ensuring that such laws are exercised and offenders are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

V. The Interior Commission
The Interior Commission, to be headed by the Commissioner of the Interior, is responsible for representing popular opinion of the general populace of Lazarus, in commission affairs and is charged with the responsibility of securing the membership of new nations in the activities of the Lazarus government.

III. The United Nations Delegacy of Lazarus

The United Nations Delegate of Lazarus is formally charged with administrating the foreign policy and diplomatic affairs of Lazarus, the appointment of several domestic commissioners and foreign policy officers, maintaining the public representation of Lazarus, and operating limited oversight over domestic affairs.

The UN Delegate is granted formal authority to appoint the following officers of the Lazarus Mandate:

-The Commissioner of Security
-The Commissioner of the Interior
-The Consul General of Lazarus

The UN Delegate is also granted the authority to draft and make law treaties, alliances, or documents of cooperation with foreign powers. The Delegate is, however, forbidden from passing into law any membership in a foreign alliance without the approval of the Consul General and at least one third of the Congress.

While not the only UN representative to Lazarus, the UN Delegate is empowered to grant approval to UN proposals and vote on UN resolutions. The vote of the UN Delegate shall be determined by a poll arranged by the Commissioner of UN Affairs and approved by the Commissioner of the Interior, which shall represent all possible votes clearly, for the convenience of all participating nations.

IV. The Lazarean People's Congress