Bug Reporting

Working through the Assembly vote threads to correct the links to discussions.
If you view the forum in browser with a smaller-than-ideal window size, text gets screwed up:

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I've been puzzled by this for a while, as Lazarene Dark and Light have virtually the same code. I am still looking into it, as it would be a table padding change to fix it.
Mmph! was causing an error, so has been removed as an auto reply.
Bug Fixes (10/13/22):
  • Fixed the bug that would show audio/media options outside of the forum text editor menu
  • Fixed the bug that was not allowing connected accounts Discord information to show correctly
I cannot edit account details. If I click on my name in the top bar only 'Loading...' appears, and https://nslazarus.com/forum/index.php?account/ leads to a blank page. This also applies to other pages under ?account/, e.g. I can't read a
Unfortunately, a bug of an addon developer: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/account-link-to-preferences-page-broken.214544/
I added a new theme to check and same issue.

Edit: Fixed now though while the addon that was causing the issue was disabled.
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The add-on developer fixed their add-on and the Pokedex is working again.