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The Lazarene Gazette May 2019


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The Official Newspaper of Lazarus
Issue 6 • May 2019 • 2 Pages

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By New Rogernomics 

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Dear Lazarus, it's been a hell of a ride over these last eleven months, ey?

When I overthrew Killer Kitty’s delegacy, I could not have foreseen the events that followed. I never wanted to be more than a caretaker, and I didn't intend to be delegate longer than it took for the Constitutional Convention to be completed.
Whilst things may not have gone to plan, I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Being your delegate has been the most rewarding experience of my NationStates career. Watching you work together to rebuild despite all the trials we've been through makes me prouder than I can adequately express. I'm credited with saving Lazarus but it is those of you that stuck around and put in the time and effort that are the true saviours of Lazarus. You've given me, a very skeptical player, hope again.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to devote the time and attention the community deserve from me and this has held you back from further progress. A number of things are going on in my life at the moment that are out of my control and it is unfair of me to hold the region hostage, hoping things will change when that clearly does not seem to be the case. I am sorry I have let the region down so much these last couple of months. You deserved better from me but I can't offer it anymore. It is time for me to stand down and let someone who can be the leader you all need take over. I can't apologise enough for the abrupt nature of this situation, really I should have done this sooner and I should have prepared things better, but I have complete faith we can still make this transition go smoothly.

It's not all doom and gloom though, I have no intention of completely abandoning my home here in Lazarus, I'll be staying in as a citizen, and I have high hopes in my successor, Treadwellia.

Treadwellia was my first appointment upon declaring Mandate 12, but it was not a decision I rushed into. I watched his actions during the Undead, Dominion, Wolfist and Anarchy periods and saw nothing but an honest and eager person who wanted to help the community. Through thick and thin he helped keep your spirits up and keep this region together, doing so out of pride and love for the place rather than personal ambition or lust for power. I think he is the ideal person to oversee Lazarus on the next leg of our journey and I can't wait to see the region continue to flourish under his leadership.

Thank you for making my time as your delegate such a wonderful experience Lazarus. I'm glad to be part of such a wonderful community.

With that all said, I formally resign my position as Delegate.

Please be sure to join the WA and endorse Treadwellia.

Outgoing Delegate of Lazarus
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By New Rogernomics

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Ryccia has been nominated by the Delegate for the post of Director of Public Relations (or Minister of Foreign Affairs), whereas Imaginary has joined the Internal Management (or Internal Affairs Ministry) after a successful time as the former Director of Public Relations. Best of luck to them both in their future roles in Lazarus. 
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By New Rogernomics

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With a drive to develop and improve upon foreign relations with other regions, The West Pacific and Lazarus have written up a proposal for a Treaty of Fùhuó. This treaty shall cover issues of mutual interest such as recognition of the sovereign status of both regions, as well as military, diplomatic, and cultural co-operation between both regions. Thus far the treaty has had full support in Lazarus, with it now currently in a proposal stage to eventually move to vote. 
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By Imaginary 

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When I was Director of Public Relations for Lazarus I felt like it was my job to be everywhere important and talking to everyone important and their brother. At this point in NS, that means my job was basically hanging out on Discord. Which, don't get me wrong, is nice sometimes. But I felt like I wasn't playing this game. I was dancing somewhere else.

I kept seeing people talking in other regions like Osiris about how they were building their communities, and that made me want to do that too. I wanted to do things on a more basic level and meet people who hadn't been echoing around the same halls of NSGP forever.

So I tried to think of what would be cool to do actually on-site in Lazarus. My first thought was more cultural activities. That seemed obvious because everywhere else that's try hard does it. I set up a map for the region and I was thinking about doing some other things like having daily topics and monthly art contests.

I was also sort of thinking in the back of my head that the really cool part of this was actually organizing everything and setting things in motion. Like, how could someone not be turned on by that? I didn't want to deal with finding stuff for people to do and asking them to do it all the time like when I was in Public Relations. I wanted to do the things I thought up to do, but at the same time I wanted other people to be able and encouraged to do the same thing - to think of their own idea and run with it - because I was finding it so amazingly fun. (Give me break and please don't laugh if you feel like I'm making too big of a deal out of this, I haven't done culture/gameside stuff for years and I'm super excited!! Actually, do laugh, it's good for you...)

With this in mind, I created Laz OS. This gives the Internal Management Department space to:
  • organize culture and security-minded projects in order to develop Lazarus's game-side community,

  • encourage less experienced players to mess around with ideas they may have (which inspires old, lame and boring folks like me with possibly mind-blowing new ideas),

  • keep the resident backbone of our region more informed and engaged since Laz OS is totally on-site and thus easily accessible!
That's pretty much all I wanted to go over in this article. Laz OS just started so I can't give a whole lot of information on how it's effecting the region. So far only one project has been started by a non-Internal Management person. As expected, not everything they're doing is how I and probably most long-time gameplayers would do it, but that's okay. It's still really cool that they're doing stuff for the region at all and I can't wait to see how they grow from the experiences they have working on their own project. One thing that especially makes me happy is how others in the region who aren't even involved in the government have been so encouraging and supportive of both his and my projects.

I'd also like to note that Lazarus's RMB activity has doubled since Laz OS was launched 8 days ago. Tongue Thanks for reading.
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By New Rogernomics 

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[Image: fi0sseY.png]
Lazarus has been going through a slow few months, with changes in the Delegate, and role changes in the government in general. This could be expected to continue, as long as forum attendance remains low, even though discord activity remains fairly reasonable.

So far, several proposals have been put to the assembly, surrounding structural government changes, and proposals for government positions to have more or less responsibility. But these proposals have had mild support, perhaps suggesting that the issue Lazarus has is not so much structural, as motivational. 

For Lazarus to prosper in the future it seems, it will have to keep pushing to build up a community if it hopes to promote nations contributing to Lazarus as a region, on the forum, discord, and elsewhere. The danger being that Lazarus might become too quiet and decline in activity, rather than expand upon an active membership. 

Disclaimer: This article was opinion, and as such is the view of a private citizen, and not the official position of Lazarus nor the Lazarene government.
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New Rogernomics
 New Rogernomics is our amazing regional forum wizard, Minister of Internal Affairs and member of the Council of Lazarene Security. Single handed he has set up and run our wonderful forums, without him we wouldn't have somewhere for our more in depth discussions and legal records. His amazing efforts have made our forum so much more than that though, constantly bringing exciting and fun new things to the site whilst also keeping it running smoothly with all the boring behind the scenes stuff. Leader of Internal Affairs is no small job either, running our media outlet, the Lazarene Gazette, hosting festivals and games and generally keeping y'all up to date with what's going on and how to get involved, it's a lot of work and he does a great job of it but still manages to find time to keep an eye on the region and help keep us safe.
For going above and beyond, we believe New Rogernomics deserves an honour for everything he does for us all and so we give them the Employee of the Month award for March!
Please enjoy your place(s) on our wall of fame! Big Grin


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