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Economy Restructing

(This post was last modified: 06-01-2019, 02:02 AM by New Rogernomics.)

The shops and such aren't gone, but are archived for now.

Basically the forum economy needs restructuring, as it isn't working as well as hoped.

Stage One:
  • Retire the Nation-Building Shop
  • Default Bank Currency to 0, and decide on new structure
  • Create New Automated Shops
  • Create some NewPoints Linked Awards i.e. reach x number of NewPoints and get an Award

Stage Two:
  • Introduce Forum Rules for NewPoints i.e. only particular forums reward NewPoints
  • Make the New Member Bonus an at Registration Bonus
  • Activate New Automated Shops
  • Activate the Bank with reduced interest and more charges
Stage Three:
  • You can opt-out of receiving dividends, but then you miss out on receiving shares till next month if there is a success or reward.
  • Opting-Out of receiving dividends in a month will imply not posting a post in the designated forum thread, which will be opened around the start of each month
  • You must post in the designated forum thread, or you won't receive the dividend for that month.
  • This forum thread will be locked between months, as the income will change each month
  • Share Price outcomes will fall into five possible outcomes: Critical Success, Success, No Significant Change, Failure, Critical Failure
  • Critical Success shall mean much more income than usual that month, implying LazCorp is doing very well month
  • Success shall mean more income than usual, meaning LazCorp is doing reasonably that month
  • No Significant Change will mean a slight income, but not more than that. Basically LazCorp managed to balance the books that month
  • Failure will mean a loss that month at LazCorp
  • Critical Failure will mean a disaster at LazCorp either in terms of a failed deal or general loss of something valuable to LazCorp
  • Regional taxes will need to be paid each year
Stage Four
  • Create an Regional Monetary Fund, tasked with supporting nations in need
  • Introduce a Tax Collection Collection agency, tasked with collecting taxes
  • Activate the system described in Stage Three
Note: These Agencies/Funds mentioned may just be automated or include real players if required.

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