[AT VOTE] Condemn Civil Defense Siren
The Security Council,

Acknowledging Nazism and related Ideologies as some of the most vile beliefs in existence.

Reaffirming that such political stances will never be accepted within the World Assembly.

Fully Aware that any nation that is a member of the World Assembly already has sufficient laws in place to ban Nazism and related Ideologies.

Remembering that the World Assembly are is not a fascist organization, and all nations must be free to pursue their own method of government. Especially when those nations are not WA members.

Recognizing that the World Assembly is the only legal method of fighting Nazism and related Ideologies.

Hereby Condemns Civil Defense Siren for attempting to force their own beliefs upon the world at large, denying nations the freedom to choose what is right for their own citizens, spreading slander and lies about regions, and refusing to follow legal means to fight ideological battles.

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