Greetings fellow leaders
Hello fellow leaders of Lazarene nations.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Leo, Imperator Konsul of the Leonistic Imperium (Leonism for short). I rule my nation since time immemorial (it was actually founded in 2003). After a lengthy spell of splendid isolation, Leonism re-joined the community of NationStates in November 2018 and has since remained in Lazarus. We feel at home here which is why Leonism is now applying for Lazarene citizenship. 

All our prior NS history happened before 2006 and in regions long since abandoned, so despite running possibly one of the oldest NS states I can for all intents and purposes be regarded as a newbie player. 

In RL I am a 34 year old anaesthesist and emergency physician from Germany. Besides gaming my other hobbies include flying single engine propeller aircraft as a hobby (I have a private pilot license) and sports shooting.

My intention as a citizen of Lazarus - should my application be accepted  - is to actively help bolster the strength of this region against any and all foreign aggression.  For this purpose I have liberally endorsed fellow nations of our region and would like to thank every one of you who endorsed me in return. I am generally also interested in fulfilling a more extensive role than an ordinary citizen, should my skills as a team leader be requested. 

Thank you for listening to my introduction and have a nice day.

Imperator Konsul Leo I.
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Welcome to LazCorp, Leonism!

Congrats on joining the forums!
This allows you to more actively participate in community matters, including games, government and news media.

To apply for citizenship in Lazarus, please fill in the following form to the best of your ability: 
Citizenship Form

If you would like to be masked as a dignitary or ambassador to represent your region within Lazarus, then apply using this form: 
Diplomatic Status/Visa Application

You are also encouraged to Join our Discord Server! 

Where you can plan roleplays, plot your rise in the gameplay sphere, discuss how best to maximize your national stats, and much more in real time with the hundreds of NS players who frequent Lazarus' Discord.

Also please read through the following to learn more about our region: If you get stuck on anything please ask around for help.

Otherwise enjoy your stay, and thanks for joining our community!  Smile
Wow, welcome to the forums. I want to learn how to fly some day when I grow up! Sounds very exciting. Smile
Waste this night away with me.
(03-13-2019, 06:18 PM)Imaginary Wrote: Wow, welcome to the forums. I want to learn how to fly some day when I grow up! Sounds very exciting. Smile

Thank you for your warm welcome.

It is very exciting. Depending on your country of origin, it is already possible to learn it before coming of age (here the minimum age for getting the license is 17). The cheapest way to get started is usually by learning to fly sailplanes.

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