Recognition of LazCorp
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Statement from the North Pacific Government

Pursuant to recent discussions regarding diplomatic recognition, the North Pacific wishes to clarify that it recognizes the Corporation of Lazarus (LazCorp) as the legal government of Lazarus. As always, our ambassador is available to facilitate diplomatic exchange between our regions, and we would like to invite you once again to contact them for anything you may need to ask or for any information you may wish to share.

[Image: YzYxA9p.png]
Pallaith, Delegate of the North Pacific
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That's awesome, thank you for letting us know!
Waste this night away with me.
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What Imaginary said. Keep in touch! Smile
(03-12-2019, 12:24 PM)treadwellia Wrote: What Imaginary said. Keep in touch! Smile
I'll try! ^-^
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