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Poll: What should our canon roleplay be?
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Past Tech/Medieval
5 18.52%
Current Tech/Modern
13 48.15%
Future Tech/Sci-Fi
1 3.70%
5 18.52%
Other (please post in the thread)
3 11.11%
Total 27 vote(s) 100%
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Roleplay Discussion

(This post was last modified: 12-15-2018, 02:17 AM by New Rogernomics.)

So a lot of folks are very keen on getting our roleplay going, me included, so let's get a discussion going about what we want to see for it!

Do we want realistic, current era for our main world? Would we prefer future tech? How about fantasy?! Would we want a map? If so, do we just have a continent or a whole planet?

Any and all input is appreciated!
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(This post was last modified: 07-12-2018, 01:57 PM by Catalyse.)

I'm going to give the lame reply and say I prefer modern nation rps. Tongue

And a world map would be the best, at least for a modern setting.


I'm good with anything, but I think Lazarus should start out with a fantasy roleplay!
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I want to do PMT, because I already am rebooting an FT and MT RP on the main forums. Figure something PMT would be less grand in scale and more isolated.

In MT or FT, big wars or so on will draw other factions in, it's just how things happen. You got wormholes in FT and you got people hearing about wars on the news in MT.


Treadwellia is modern technology with the existence of Tubbius Magic. This will not change. :-)


I like fantasy stuff (books and movies and video games at least) but since that can be a bit of a vague genre it might be best to go with something like MT for our first mainstream roleplay. Big Grin


Modern nation RPing and Futuristic nation RPing too. Character RPs, not so much.

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In my experience MT and PT RPs tend to be the most successful/easiest to get off the ground.


Depends on what people want to do really.

Do we want to RP as our nations in the Lazarus region of the NSworld? -- Like II on the NS forums.

Do we want to create some fantasy world and RP as characters? -- Like P2TM on the NS forums.


(07-14-2018, 12:39 PM)Arlo Wrote: Do we want to RP as our nations in the Lazarus region of the NSworld? -- Like II on the NS forums.
Yes and no. I think a Modern Nation RP should be completely unrelated to NationStates.

People who want to use what they've written for their NS nations should be free to do it, but stats and whatever else would be completely unrelated. And people who just want to come up with something on their own should be free to choose a nation name, etc, unrelated to their NS nation.

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