[AT VOTE] Commend The North Pacific
Commend The North Pacific
A resolution to recognise outstanding achievement by a nation or region.
Category: Commendation Nominee: The North Pacific Proposed by: Tinhampton


BELIEVING that The North Pacific (TNP) serves as a shining example to the world in the art of combining freedom with security, especially after recovering in the past from coups d'état executed by the likes of Great Bight, Pixiedance/Gracius Maximus/The Minister, The Crimson Order, Shoeless Joe and Durkadurkiranistan I & II (many of which are cited by past Security Council resolutions; see SC#33, 34, 49, 63, 129, 168, 169, and 269, for instance);

RECOGNISING Blackshear to be the drafter of TNP's inaugural Constitution, one of the first of its kind in the multiverse, passed not long before UPS Rail (followed by Great Bight) tried and failed to align TNP with The Pacific over much of July 2004, halted only by a combination of ejecting their own allies along with high-ranking members of the old government, and Ballotonia/Better Times' exploitation of international etiquette guidelines;

CONVINCED that, in spite of near-constant political turbulence both internally and externally - including its suspension by a stacked Pixiedance cabinet the following year - the Blackshear Constitution, ratified after the fall of Great Bight by Thel DRan, and its successors has helped guarantee that TNP remains a free and open region that respects national sovereignty, the rule of law, and the superiority of the legislative branch over its executive;

ADAMANT that TNP's in-house Security Council - a close-knit group of trusted and influential residents, responsible to TNP and its constitution, which oversee the region's security and respond to threats as they arise - has also been an influence in guarding the region from significant danger in the last decade, to the extent that it has now been replicated in many different forms with great effect, from the Council on Regional Security in The South Pacific to the Viziers of The East Pacific;

ADMIRING TNP's revolutionary and highly motivating endorsement trading scheme, which has not only aided in TNP's retention of newcomers and - through increasing the number of endorsements on its WA Delegate, the highest of any region, and its Security Council - overall regional security, but has also been a role model for many other such schemes within many feeders and in the multiverse at large, thereby reducing the risk for many regions of their ilk being fatally couped;

RECALLING that the North Pacific Army (NPA; once one of the great defender forces of the world, especially through its membership in the Allied Liberation League and Alliance Defence Networks, two of the most formidable such groups) was reconstituted in 2012 at a time when military operations amongst feeders and sinkers were rare; its new, more independent alignment has paid dividends over the following years;

CONSIDERING how the modern NPA has both defended its allies in some of their darkest hours - The South Pacific from its Socialist Republic/Milograd in 2013, Osiris from Gatesville later in 2013, Lazarus from The Pacific in 2015, as well as more vulnerable allies such as Stargate and (whilst a protectorate of Equilism) Warzone Europe on countless occasions - and contributed to invasions upon regions that previously posed major threats to the multiverse as a whole, such as NAZI EUROPE in 2014;

ALSO CELEBRATING other matters of style in which TNP has taken the lead, such as in its satirical religion of Flemingovianism, which requires its observants to worship the nation of Flemingovia (Commended through SC#182) as a god and - at least in part - arguably epitomises the sense of fun and enjoyment that is so often to be had in TNP;

FURTHER NOTING that - through The Northern Lights, The North Star, and the Northern Broadcast Service today, and the legendary North Pacific Wire previously - TNP has consistently endeavoured to keep its residents up to date with many items of news pertaining to their region and the multiverse, in formats that have (directly or indirectly) moulded the state of countless other such services today; and

CONCLUDING that TNP's actions, both within and beyond its borders, have been so influential towards maintaining multiversal peace and security, whilst at once inspiring many of the regions that have made an example of it to uphold a democratic mechanism of governance, that it can only merit the highest honour that can possibly be bestowed upon it by any body:

HEREBY COMMENDS The North Pacific.
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