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These are Role-Play Groups or Organizations, which Role-Play Fictional Governments, Corporations, and other Entities.

Please Register your Group in this thread.

Membership Requirements For Groups or Organizations:
  • Must have at least two or three active members (which may include leadership), with activity being at least a few posts each month in the designated sub-forum.
  • Groups or Organizations may only include Employees (Residents) and Shareholders (Citizens) of Lazarus.
  • Groups or Organizations will be archived after 30 days of inactivity, to allow active groups to be more prominently displayed.
  • Groups or Organizations may be archived or have members removed on basis of improper IC or OOC conduct, which is implied to be harassment, abuse, or just creating a hostile or negative environment within that Group or Organization. These are meant for fun after-all.

Welcome to the Corporatocracy of Lazarus! - We're Dead Serious.
Leader/s: Delegate, Vice-Delegate, Cabinet 

To Request, fill in this form:

Group/Organization Name:


Leader/s: @"Member 1", @"Member 2"

Group/Organization Name: Pitcairn Republic

Description: An Group of many islands forming an union to protect themself

Leader/s: @PitcairnEmpireLZ

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