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Employee of the Month Award!


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Employee of the Month!
Delegate Awards!

Lazarus is full of phenomenal talent, passion and creativity, I wanted to showcase some of the wonderful nations that inhabit our beloved region and award their contributions to Lazarus in a fun way!
Fitting our LazCorp theme I have decided to create the Employee of the Month awards! To be unveiled on the last Monday of every month, one nation from Lazarus will be announced and have their shiny frame added to the wall!
Anyone with a nation in residence in Lazarus is eligible to be Employee of the Month and everything around the region will be taken into consideration!
Is there someone who's consistently positive and friendly on the RMB? How about a nation with the most amazing and in-depth factbooks? Always helping out in the government? Writes the best legislation in the assembly? You name it! Anything can qualify you to be the next Employee of the Month, you just have to be active in Lazarus!
Know someone you think deserves the award next? Telegram suggestions with the reason to Imkiville and your friend may be the next to be immortalised in a lovely shiny frame too!

[Image: ILaIn0P.png]

[Image: g6ijt0j.png]

Your Imaginary Friend

Imaginary wins the very first Employee of the Month award for her excellent work in both her own Ministry of Public Relations (Foreign Affairs) and around the region in general! One of the first to join up with the Lazarus Regional Guards and become a member of our military, a wonderful artist who has drawn some great sketches of our lovable Vice-Delegate and contributed to our regional paper, the Lazarene Gazette, always out and about setting a great example of what Lazarus has become abroad as well as staying active within the region, energetic, passionate and yet still so young! I could gush about how great Imaginary is and what potential I see in her all day long! I think this is a very much deserved reward, and she's a shining example of the fresh blood Lazarus has to offer.
Thank you for all your hard work, Imaginary!

[Image: ToR3rSe.png]

[Image: o2ZgDj2.png] [Image: 5LgM0o1.png] [Image: oEZXy9V.png]
[Image: oqujlZn.png] [Image: gDw4bqY.png] [Image: mOfb27h.png]
[Image: QpkeiQ7.png] [Image: 0YR72KA.png] [Image: 5uNcuLU.png]
[Image: ZdEr8nk.png] [Image: py4JI3O.png] [Image: 8BL5INh.png]
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Congratulations are much in order for Imaginary's substantial contributions that have lead to this well-earned honor from the Delegate.


Thank you so much for awarding me this! It means a lot. :>

When I was super tiny I used to be really addicted to Minecraft. My parents weren't that into me spending my entire childhood beating up zombies though, so they'd only let me play sometimes. I remember when they said I could play and I was waiting for the client to load I would get super excited. Like I wouldn't even be able to sit in my seat. It felt like my whole intestinal track was smushed together in a ball and was bouncing around my stomach. That's the feeling I get when I think about Lazarus now. As someone whose NS roots are stuck in the rift between raiders and defenders, it's really beautiful to be in a place where players with strong feelings on any side can have a blast working together and making this place awesomer. I'm super proud of my fellow ambassadors who work to share this way of life with other communities, NR and his team who work to develop this culture, our Laz Guard for working to protect our region, and everyone in Lazarus for making all the effort totally worth it! It's been a long time since I've been so proud of and in love with a place.

Thank you all!<3
mooze pencil:
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