Laz-Osi Fanfic Competition [HYPE]
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We need a Ridiculous Fanfiction Competition and Osiris is gonna help us make it happen.

Please, please please join us in making something beautiful together in a clash of edgy mary sue characters and ridiculous ships that make no sense to anyone but the author. We’ll read em, judge em, and then put them in dispatches and clog up the dispatch board on Nationstates. At the end we’ll have two Ultimate Fanfic Champions and we’ll let them fight to the death in a Beyblade match or something.

Obviously because we’re putting them onsite they need to be:
-Completely in line with all Nationstates site rules
-An original work that isn’t plagiarized or any of that nonsense
-As ridiculous as you can make them

We’ll be judging them somewhere around February 1st, though that date is subject to change. If you have any questions, please contact Lynxi or me and we’ll do our best to answer!
Waste this night away with me.
The deadline for this is being extended by two weeks. \o/ If you haven't written a ridiculous fanfic yet to show up them Osiran freaks, now is the time!
Waste this night away with me.
How is this going?
I need you to write something for it! :>
Waste this night away with me.

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