[PASSED] Condemn Macedon
The Security Council,

Acknowledging that Macedon, one of the first Imperialistic regions of the NationStates Multiverse, was previously condemned under Security Council Resolution #1: Condemn Macedon;

Believing that while Security Council Resolution #1: Condemn Macedon had historical significance as the very first condemnation ever passed by this body it is too vague, never touching upon detailed reasons as to why this region actually deserves Condemnation by the WA Security Council;

Hoping that this resolution, when passed by this Council, will provide a detailed and accurate account as to why Macedon deserves to be Condemned by the international community;

Detailing the atrocities committed by the region of Macedon in the following list for perusal by international delegations:
  • Using well placed puppet nations, created by governments of nations within Macedon, to gain the trust of native nations within their own regions so as to betray them later on when destroying their communities from the inside.
  • International and inter-regional ethnic cleansing, where nations of Macedon would take violent control of founderless regions through the World Assembly Delegate position to force nations from their home regions due to having a different ethnic makeup.
  • Passwording and refounding over sixty regions, preventing communities of nations from growing in said regions for over 12 years in some cases. These regions include, but are not limited to: Brazil, Bulgaria, Carthage, Sri Lanka, Republic of Macedonia, Myanmar, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Belarus and Venezuela.
  • Destroying active communities of nations after gaining their trust through duplicitous means, taking their home regions from them and casting them into The Rejected Realms. These regions include:
    • The occupation and attempted refound of France in 2009, where puppet nations of Macedonian origin seized the WA delegacy of the then over thirty nation community and used it to eject and ban the entire native community. They then proceeded to password the region and leave it barren with one nation occupying it, lasting for five months before their attempted refound of the region was thwarted by the Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization.
    • The occupation and attempted destruction of the region Belgium that began on May 9th 2009, where Macedonian forces along with their allies from Mencer passworded the region after only 36 hours. The occupying forces then spent two months ejecting 32 native nations, ultimately being stopped by defender forces who through the use of undercover international operatives learned the password placed upon the region by Macedon. Due to the horrendous actions undertaken by a region like Macedon in the occupation of Belgium a new proposal type was enacted by the Security Council, a proposal type named a Liberation which would remove the password placed on a region by invading forces in order to allow defender forces to free it.
    • The occupation and attempted ethnic cleansing of the region Greece on December 24th, 2007. Through the implementation of a Macedonian puppet nation by the name of Orthodoxya, Macedon and their allies from Mencer seized the then United Nations Delegate position (predecessor to the current World Assembly) from the native nation Nikolaos The Great. Orthodoxya, placed in the region of Greece for the sole purpose of betraying the native Greek nations, held to the same beliefs that the ethnical makeup of the Greek nations were lesser than Macedonian nations peoples.

Noting that in recent years Macedon has gone dormant as a region, its community of nations dissolving over time and leaving their conquered regions empty except for trusted puppet nations;

Further Believing that although Macedon and its trophy regions are inactive as mentioned above, they are deserving of a condemnation due to their past actions in destroying regional communities;

Hereby Condemns Macedon.
This is replace part of a repeal&replace effort of the Condemn Macedon resolution, as an informational note.

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