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The Lazarene Gazette November 2018

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The Official Newspaper of Lazarus
Issue 3 • November 2018 •1 Page

By New Rogernomics
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This month, Lazarus continued to work upon it's forum and discord community, with some discussions about appointing official endorsees of the delegate, and the eventual development of a military or militia for the defense of the region. Lazarus is also coming to terms with allegations over the NPO in Lazarus and elsewhere, with discussion in discord and the forum about the response of Lazarus to this developing incident.

You can read the official statement of Lazarus on the NPO here: Statement on the NPO
By New Rogernomics
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Ryccia was recently appointed as Public Relations Vice Director, this position is equivalent to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, for those still getting used to the new LazCorp theme in the region. We wish Ryccia the best in the new role. 
By New Rogernomics
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In other news, the Condemn The Pacific Resolution is now in the queue of the World Assembly Security Council. This resolution seeks to condemn the past and more recent activities of the New Pacific Order, and as well as some actions and organization of the government of the NPO, and many of it's members. The text of this resolution can be found here: Condemn The Pacific
By New Rogernomics
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Lazarus recently introduced the LazCorp theme, making residents employees of the company, and citizens into 'shareholders', and the region is gradually transitioning into a GCR Mega Corp with a team of lawyers ready to protect it's interests. Recently LazCorp's attempted acquisition of Lone Wolves United failed despite the best attempts of LazCorp, and it was reported that a team of lawyers would respond, supposedly to this attempt of undue interference in the market. 
By New Rogernomics
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The leaks detailed in The Miniluv Messenger articles "The Same Old Pacific Order", and "Explosive Leaks from Within the NPO!" have unraveled many years of history throughout Nationstates, bringing new light into the New Pacific Order's conduct in the Feeders and Sinkers, and throughout the game in general. It also gives new insight into how some members of the New Pacific Order have seen the game, and their place in it. At least from the initial scope, it does look like a public relations nightmare for the New Pacific Order, even whether you agree with them as a government, or you are supportive of their affairs. 

From the looks of the allegations, during more recent times of 'Task Force Lazarus', the NPO set up a goal of destabilizing Lazarus, and removing alleged bad elements, namely 'Userites', and perhaps eventually doing what it couldn't with the New Pacific Order, which was to make Lazarus some kind of puppet state directly led in secret or publicly by the New Pacific Order, as we can read here in the released logs, from a Miniluv Messenger article: The Same Old Pacific Order
Quote:"Ark: Update: We pissed off funk so much he unmasked me as an archbishop.
Ark: I consider this a win, ironically.(edited)
Aleisyr: Yay? lol
Ark: The plan is basically to be such a thorn in his side that he decides couping is the only remaining option."
This took advantage of the existing factional divisions of Lazarus, which had been developing for years over disagreement of policy, with everything from disagreements over R/D, the organization of the government, to even more serious concerns over Funkadelia's Delegacy. Effectively working to turn Funkadelia, Lamb, and Killer Kitty, against long term natives like Harmoneia, and general defender elements in the region. 

In addition, it was discovered that in violation of Celestial Union and Humane Republic of Lazarus law, Stujenske had entered Lazarus under a new name of Kowassati, and operating at the highest levels of Lazarene government, and at one point holding the Delegacy. Whether this was at the discretion of the New Pacific Order government, or an independent action of Stujenske, we may never know the full details of. 

It will surely take a while to look back into Lazarene history, as it goes all the way back to the People's Republic of Lazarus, which on the urging of the New Pacific Order (which was totally unknown to most in Lazarus), removed long-term natives of Lazarus that were perceived as a threat to it's future operations, due to their ties with some UCR regions such as The Land of Kings and Emperors, or because of their ties to raider groups.  

Disclaimer: This article was opinion, and as such is the view of a private citizen, and not the official position of Lazarus or it's government.

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