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Office of the Ministry of Interregional Relations

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Welcome to the Ministry of Interregional Relations!

Official announcements from the Ministry of Interregional Relations will be made here. Citizens may also ask questions, make comments, or post other feedback here for the attention of the IR staff.
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I would like to announce the appointment of Ryccia as Deputy Minister of Interregional Relations. He's done good things as an ambassador and I want to reward him for his efforts by giving him an opportunity to further develop his skills in the area. As an IR deputy he will be helping to direct the ministry and assisting in producing quality updates to keep Lazarus and our foreign friends informed.

I look forward to working with you Ry! Big Grin
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I approve of this appointment! Smile
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Serving Lazarus as Director of Public Relations has been a blast for me; it's given me amazing opportunities to connect with people inside and outside of this region as well as help develop our home. While some projects I set out to do have totally failed or fallen by the wayside, I am extremely proud of what the PR team has become due to the efforts of those who have stepped up to be Laz ambassadors. Y'all have helped me make tough FA decisions, kept the government informed about important NS happenings, and most importantly been a really cool and chill group of people. <3

That said, after discussions with CEO Treadwellia, I've decided to step down as Director. I think it's important to not let regional leadership stagnate, so one of my reasons for stepping down is to let other inspired and FA-interested players have a chance to set our course in this direction. My main reason however, is so that I can focus more on game-side development! I plan to work under NR in the coming months to reach out more to new (and old) Lazarus residents, introducing them to the beautiful and stable community Lazarus possesses and helping them become a part of it in neat ways. Stay tuned for more~ *sparkles*

While I will continue to be part of the PR team as an ambassador (and to assist in ongoing treaty negotiations with Osi and TWP), my deputy Ryccia will serve as Acting Director of Public Relations until Treadwellia is able to appoint someone new to the position.

Thank you!
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