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Domestic Update | Oct 2018


Greetings Shareholders of Lazarus!

One of my highest priorities when I came into office was to help people get involved as ambassadors for Lazarus. My starting goal was to have a unique ambassador posted in at least half of our embassies by the end of October, but thanks to so many in Lazarus stepping up to help, this bar is now far below us. Lazarus is currently represented in all of our GCR embassies. My appreciation to you guys!

Next month I intend to focus more on training; helping current ambassadors reach the next level in their diplomatic careers. I'm impressed by the initiative some ambassadors have taken already in their jobs to promote Lazarus abroad and keep her citizens well-informed. With that in mind, I hope you find the following domestic update which they've helped put together informative!

You may notice that some regions have already expressed interest in getting into a more serious diplomatic relationship with Lazarus. So far our foreign policy has been "friends without commitments" but the time may be coming for this to change. However, I want to make sure any inter-regional agreements we get into reflect the feelings of the community of Lazarus, not just its government. Just like it's generally a good idea to be in love with a person before you get married to them, I think it's important Lazarus is really actually great friends with a region before getting into an alliance with them. So please, consider what regions you feel like share our interests and ideals and share the reasons below.

Imaginary, Director of Interregional Relations

The East Pacific:

TEP recently elected Fedele to the position of Delegate after Yuno chose not to run again. Upon being elected, Fedele has focused on making sure the region has a safe community, and he has also reorganized some of his government.

The North Pacific:

TNP recently had some election problems due to their forum being Tapatalked, but a new forum has been set up and elections have proceeded (although pushed off schedule), ushering in a sightly reorganized cabinet. Siwale has been reelected as Delegate.

The Pacific:

The NPO (New Pacific Order) remains in control of The Pacific. Japanese Schoolgirls, a new senator, has launched a successful monthly art competition for the region. The NPO has also been heavily involved in the Warzones recently, their priority being protection of the Warzones' GCR embassies which some have attempted to withdraw.

The South Pacific:

TSP had an election earlier this month. The region has faced a lot of outside criticism recently on their administrative bans of Tim and Escade and proscription of Souls. Their delegate, Tsu, has been on leave-of-absence for much of his term so far, but others in the gameside government and community continue to be active.

The West Pacific:

Neenee is in the process of stepping down from TWP's delegacy, making way for Halo, her chosen successor. TWP is still the same region it normally is. The forums are used primarily for government affairs and applications while Discord is where most activity happens, with frequent discussions involving politics, NS, and sports there. Their RMB is active as a discussion area for new nations and is also used for events like Karaoke Friday and Haikuesday. Interest in having a treaty with Lazarus has been expressed by Badger.


Balder had elections this month, leading to some new faces in the cabinet. The region is joining TEP in hosting their "Wordy Witchcraft" writing competition. Balder recently had a disagreement with Osiris, leading to the termination of the two regions' treaty and in-game embassy. Balder has faced a lot of outside criticism on their handling of this conflict, and also of their internal management. OnderKelkia, reelected Statsminister, has expressed interest in having a treaty with Lazarus.


Osiris continues to be led by delegate Altino, who is focusing on building community and making sure the region is stable and fun. Kyrusia, newly appointed as a Priest/Judge has recently been engaged in reforming the regional Honors system. A treaty with Lazarus, perhaps in collaboration with other regions as well, has been mentioned.

The Rejected Realms:

TRR has recently had a delegate election, featuring controversial candidates such a Souls and drama between Wabbitslayer and his Vice Delegate Marilyn Manson. The region continues to enjoy Werewolf on its Discord and snarky debate about everything under the sun wherever its members go. TRR has refused to recognize the current government of Lazarus as legitimate due to the disbandment of the Constitutional Convention.
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