Mandate 6.0 (June 5th, 2010)
The Constitution of Lazarus
Mandate 6.0


Recognizing the unique and inherent responsibility of authority in Lazarus, we lay forth the following government, to be known as The Lazarus Mandate, along with such policies that will ensure efficient management and orientation of those nations that find themselves amongst the community of Lazarus, whether they are reborn or immigrants.

The Supreme Necromancer

- The Supreme Necromancer will be the WA Delegate of Lazarus. He/she will serve both roles of being the region’s representative to the WA and, at the same time, the official head of state of Lazarus. He/she will be responsible for voting on and discussing WA resolutions with the respective nations of Lazarus.  The Supreme Necromancer will also be responsible for maintaining the region’s World Factbook Entry and for helping to promote activity on the Regional Message Board.

- Appointment for a new Supreme Necromancer will only be held if the current Supreme Necromancer resigns or be deceased. In any case, the Supreme Necromancer may be removed from office with a call from the legislative body of Lazarus following the official impeachment procedure. The Supreme Necromancer may also be challenged by a citizen to elections which will be overseen by the Draugr.

- Any Delegate not elected by the Yaman Council or appointed by the last Supreme Necromancer will not be recognized as the legitimate ruler, and in such a situation, the Draugr takes over, unless the last legitimate Supreme Necromancer is still around and is willing to resume the responsibility of the office.

- If in any case the Draugr is also absent, the following will be the succession of office:

- Along with the Draugr, the Supreme Necromancer exercises oversight of the Emerald Cabinet, ensuring that the members maintain their offices properly and actively. The Supreme Necromancer may add and remove positions from the Emerald Cabinet as he/she sees fit, excepting the position of Draugr. He/she may also remove or add new responsibilities, jobs, and functions to the respective Cabinet members, excepting the positions of Draugr, Coryphaeus, or Gatekeeper. The Supreme Necromancer may not remove nations out of the Emerald Cabinet; only the Yaman Council has the power to do so.

- The Supreme Necromancer may veto any legislative act and will count as an equal member of the Yaman Council. The Supreme Necromancer has the authority to review and approve applications to the Yaman Council.

- The Supreme Necromancer shall have the ability, as representative of the region, to negotiate treaties or alliances with any region in the world of NationStates. While he/she may negotiate such treaties, he/she cannot sign them until the Yaman Council ratifies them.

- The Supreme Necromancer is responsible for maintaining the defenses of Lazarus and the Undead Horde. In addition, he/she shall gather such intelligence necessary to the defense of Lazarus.

The Draugr

- The Draugr will be the elected head of the Emerald Cabinet and shall act as the official liaison between the ministries, the Delegacy, and the people of Lazarus. The Draugr also exercises oversight of the other ministries, ensuring that the members of the Emerald Cabinet maintain their offices properly and actively. He/she, along with the Supreme Necromancer, may add and remove positions from the Cabinet as he/she sees fit excepting the positions of Coryphaeus or Gatekeeper.  The Draugr may not remove nations out of the Emerald Cabinet; only the Yaman Council has the power to do so.

- The Draugr will serve, as an alternate, if the Supreme Necromancer should become deceased or dethroned.

- The Draugr is responsible for ensuring that all election guidelines for public offices are followed, and the mechanisms for declaring candidacies are properly maintained.

- The Draugr is charged with receiving and accepting applications to the Yaman Council. Additionally, he/she will maintain Council records and voting procedure. He/she wil also maintain the Council roster.

The Emerald Cabinet

- Any nation may be elected to the Emerald Cabinet, assuming there is a vacancy, providing that said nation:
1) Has been registered on the regional forums for 2 full weeks.
2) Is not serving as the Supreme Necromancer.
3) Is a member of the Yaman Council.
4) Is not deemed to be of conflicting interests.

- Nations will be elected to the Cabinet every 2 months, in accordance with the official election procedure.

- In the event that a member of the Emerald Cabinet:
1) Becomes absent on the forums for more than 7 days without prior notice,
2) Leaves Lazarus for a period that exceeds 3 days,
3) Has his/her principal nation deleted through inactivity or misconduct,
Then any member of government may present a motion to the Yaman Council to expel the idle member. A Cabinet member is considered absent without notice if he/she fails to post the details of his/her absence on the forums prior to leaving the region. If a Cabinet member is planning an absence which shall exceed a period of one week, he/she must notify the region, and the Supreme Necromancer and/or the Draugr will serve in his/her absence.

- Any member of the Emerald Cabinet has the option of appointing a deputy to aid him/her in his/her ministry duties during the course of his/her elected term. Deputies must be approved by the Supreme Necromancer.

- In addition to the position of Draugr, the Emerald Cabinet will be comprised of the following positions:

The Gatekeeper

- The Gatekeeper will head the department of foreign enticement and relations.  He/she shall also have the ability, as a representative of the region, to negotiate treaties and alliances with any region in the world of NationStates. However, these treaties and alliances must be ratified by the Yaman Council and signed by the Supreme Necromancer before they can be considered official and take effect.

- The Gatekeeper is responsible for founding and maintaining embassies in all available or diplomatically related regions. He/she may appoint ambassadors to aid him/her in this duty.

- The Gatekeeper will distribute and post the regional news in all of the region’s foreign embassies as it is produced by the Coryphaeus.

The Coryphaeus

- The Coryphaeus is responsible for maintaining activity within the borders of Lazarus, both on the Regional Message Board and on the forum. He/she shall protect and promote Lazarene Culture.

- The Coryphaeus is also responsible for overseeing the recruitment effort and shall work to bring in new nations to Lazarus. The Supreme Necromancer and the Draugr should help assist him/her in this duty.

- The Coryphaeus shall gather internal news for the public to read about and discuss. This regional news should be produced and least once a month. He/she may employ reporters to aid him/her in this duty.

The Yaman Council

- The Yaman Council shall be recognized as the main legislative and judicial body in the region of Lazarus. It is the responsibility of the Council to draft and to vote upon regional legislation. It is also the responsibility of the Council to draft and maintain a regional code of law. The Draugr will maintain voting procedure and records.

- Membership within the Yaman Council shall be afforded to all nations regardless of size or background who meet the following requirements:
1) A nation may only become a member of the Yaman Council if it has been approved by the Draugr and/or the Supreme Necromancer.
2) In order for an applicant to be accepted, he/she must reside in the region and be registered on the forums for at least 3 days and take the regional oath which should be presented in the form of an application topic.
3) He/she must have his/her WA in Lazarus and must endorse the Supreme Necromancer. If not, he/she must prove a valid reason why he/she cannot bring his/her WA nation to Lazarus.

- Requirements for the application topic include
1) The nation’s name.
2) The nation’s link.
3) The regional oath.
4) The name of the member’s WA nation.
5) If applicable, why his/her WA nation cannot make it into Lazarus.

- Legislation can be drafted and presented to the floor of the Yaman Council by any member of said Council. The Council as a whole shall debate legislation once presented for a period of one week. Then the legislation will go to the floor for an immediate vote, not to last more than one week.

- Various acts of the Yaman Council require the following various percentages for approval:
1) Peace Treaties – 60%
2) Declarations of War – 75%
3) Impeachment of a Government Officer – 60%
4) Amendments to the Constitution – 80%
5) Repealing the Constitution – 85%
6) Other Acts of Legislations – 51%

- The legislative power of the impeachment of a government officer or of dethroning the Supreme Necromancer shall follow these steps:
1) Charges against a government officer or the Supreme Necromancer must be brought forth onto the floor of the Yaman Council by a member of that Council in good standing.
2) The charges must be seconded by 5 Council members before it is brought to a full Council vote.
3) If the vote ends in at least 60% in favor of impeachment, then the officer in question will be brought to trial before the Council to determine innocence or guilt.
4) If the officer is found guilty of breaking a law as stated in the Lazarene legal code by 80% f the standing Council, then the Council must discuss and vote upon a sentence.

- If a member of the Yaman Council becomes inactive for 30 days, he/she can be removed from the Council. The Draugr will submit a list of inactive Council members at the end of each month to the Yaman Council, who will then discuss and decide which, if any, should be removed from the Council for their inactivity. A Council member is considered inactive if he/she has not been present on the forum for 30 days. If a Council member is planning an absence to last for 30 days or more, he/she must notify the Council by posting the details of his/her absence on the forums prior to leaving the region.                    

Election Procedure

- Elections shall be led by the Draugr. Elections will be held in a 7 day process and will take place in the forums.

- 4 days shall be given to Lazarenes for declaring their candidacies and presenting their platforms. Anyone may ask questions of the candidates.

- 3 days of the election process shall be dedicated to voting. Lazarenes must vote via posts, posting in the respective thread, for their choice of candidate.

- In the event that snap elections are called, they shall follow the normal election procedure as previously stated.

The Undead Horde

- The Undead Horde shall be the official military of Lazarus. It shall be overseen by the Supreme Necromancer and consist of volunteer conscripts from amongst the native forum members.

- if the Supreme Necromancer so chooses, he/she may appoint one general, to be known as Cerberus, who shall be responsible for assisting in missions, the creation of and changes to regulations, and recruiting for the Undead Horde. In order to be considered for the position of Cerberus, a nation must be part of the Yaman Council.

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