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The Lazarene Gazette September 2018

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The Official Newspaper of Lazarus
Issue 1 • September 2018 •1 Page

By New Rogernomics
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Lazarus is now open again for business, after a Constitutional Convention that went belly-up, and a few hurdles in setting up a new forum. Now that they are over with, Lazarus is getting back into being the Sinker that keeps coming back from the dead, literally. The new Delegate, Imkiville, is gradually appointing people to political office, and a 'Grand-Reopening Festival' is about to begin, to which Lazarenes and participants from other regions are cordially invited.
By New Rogernomics
[Image: luh6C1Q.png]

With a lot of slow forum activity, it was perhaps the best time to have some activities to liven things up. Starting today there are Sign-Ups to an event loosely based on Werewolf, called Wolfists vs 'La Resistance' based around the Lazarene Civil War, as well as a Tubbius Grand Feast Event, with mysteries to solve and a lot of delicious food to be had. There are of course discussions on the Lazarene Discord, as well as general spam games on the New Forum.

It might be a rather ad-hoc festival, so things might go a little crazy. So be warned, it will be fun, Lazarene style. 
By New Rogernomics
[Image: 3vPgyKQ.png]
Lazarus has always been one of those regions that falls down, and eventually gets back up. It has survived numerous coups, and revolutions, and counter-revolutions, and counter-counter revolutions, and civil wars. With the fall of the Wolfist regime, Lazarus is still back to being Lazarus, and hopefully it puts the past behind it and moves on. There are plenty of reasons to be annoyed with Lazarus, and I doubt that in the future there won't be foreign actors wanting to move in, or some sinister plot to overthrow the Lazarene government, as is the general ebb and flow of Gameplay geo-politic.

Plenty in Lazarus thought that sort of thing was over during the Celestial Union, and before that the Humane Republic, and before that the People's Republic of Lazarus. Often those that see the fall coming act too late, aren't believed, or fail to fix the unfix-able. Ultimately whether this new, and hopefully improved, Lazarus, succeeds will depend on the 'minnows' as the PRL once termed it, those who eventually head and lead the government, and on whether people are to be apathetic or step up to improve the region.

It is true that the Constitutional Convention failed, and perhaps the fallout from that will last for a while, but it isn't anything that Lazarus as a region, and it's friends in Nationstates can't move past over time. According to some this is very much an open book, as we've swept aside the old order, and we are prepared to let the past be the past. If this new Lazarus is to succeed, it will need the Wolfists, the Celestial Unionites, the People's Republicans, and those who fell foul of those regimes, to let grievances go and not let them bring down the future. 
By Ryccia
[Image: c1MrLNy.png]

Citizens are hard at work, as the Assembly has been inaugurated as Lazarus's legislative body.

As stipulated in the Mandate, the Assembly is comprised of all the citizens of Lazarus, and all may suggest any law or amendment they wish as a result. So far as of this writing, there have been nine proposals from various topics, from the procedures of the Assembly, resolutions regarding the continuation of past governments, criminal and judicial legislation, and even to define the regional currency.

So far, however, only two bills have been enshrined in legislation. Lazarene citizens are taking their time to come up with new ideas, or the current propositions are still under debate.

The new Delegate Imkiville managed to nominate a Chair, a Vice Delegate, and the Court. Debate followed, and all the nominations were approved by the Assembly. There was also a proposal to oust the Delegate due to inactivity, on the basis that she had not nominated any new Ministers. The author, Old Hope, seems to be satisfied with a response from the Delegate, but has said that he will reopen discussion if this is not looked into and rectified.
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