Would you rather?
Would you rather post in this thread or post in another thread?

I'll start:

Would you rather drink coke or pepsi?
Er...Coke, I guess, since Sprite>7UP. I still hate both drinks though.

Would you rather be the ruler of the world for one week and then die, or the poorest person for 100 years?
The former.

Would you rather have a palace or a shack by the sea?
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Palace, obviously.

Would you rather live in Mao's China or Saddam's Iraq?
The former.

Would you rather eat a burrito or taco?

Would you rather drink cider or toffee liquor?
Give me the liquor.

Would you rather have JAL or Stu as delegate?
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6x, 7x, or 8x WA Delegate of Lazarus, depending on how you count
2x WA Delegate of The South Pacific, make of my time there what you will
Author of SC #61, SC #94, SC #100, SC #128, SC #130, GA #280, and Issue #352
2x Condemned by the Security Council (NS Record)
2x Delete-on-Sight, another NS Record
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Quote:Embassy opened with Fishmongers.
Quote:Embassy closed with Milograd is The Eternal Delegate of TSP.
JAL. You can get it back after he bores of it.
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