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Forum Features Guide - BBCodes and More

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Forum Features Guide - BBCodes and More
An introduction to Forum Features

1. Private Messaging
2. Forum BBCodes/MyCodes
3. Forum Settings/Options
4. Plugins
5. Questions and Answers

1. Private Messaging
This is the forum-wide private messaging system.

Sending and Organizing Private Messages

Preview Private Messages Menu:

These are options for sending and organizing your Private Messages.

This includes the following:
  • Compose (Write a new Private Message)
  • Inbox (With Folders, Drafts, and Trash Can)
  • Tracking (Messages you are tracking)
  • Edit Folders (Add/Remove an Inbox Folder)

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2. Forum BBCodes/MyCodes
These are a list of the BBCodes/MyCodes in use on this forum.

Text Styling

Text Color
Blue Text
[color=#3498db]Blue Text[/color]

Text Font
Comic Sans Font Text
[font=Comic Sans MS,cursive]Comic Sans Font Text[/font]

Text Bold
Bold Text
[b]Bold Text[/b]

Text Italic
Italic Text
[i]Italic Text[/i]

Text Underlined
Underlined Text
[u]Underlined Text[/u]

Text Strikethrough
Strikethrough Text
[s]Strikethrough Text[/s]

Text Small Size
Small Text
[size=small]Small Text[/size]

Text Medium Size
Medium Text
[size=medium]Medium Text[/size]

Text Large Size
Large Text
[size=large]Large Text[/size]

Text Extra Large Size
Extra Large Text
[size=x-large]Extra Large Text[/size]

Text Text1

Text Text1

Text/Object Alignment

Align Left:

Align Center:

Align Right:

Align Justify:



Url/Link with Text:

Add Image

Image Full Size/Default:

Image Set Size:


Nationstates Nation and Region Tags

Nation Tags for Nationstates:

Region Tags for Nationstates:

Shop Pay Tags

Shop Pay Tags:

Simple Table Tags

Table width is 100%

Table Row

Table Title/Header

Table Cell

Table with Title Row:

Table with No Title Row:

Table Generator Table Tags

Table width is 100%

Table Header

Table Row

Table Data

Table with Title Row:

Table with No Title Row:


Numbered List:

Bullet List:







Insert Emotions

Insert Special Character
► @ © ¾

Link Post by Title
~Topic Title Here

Mention Username
@"Username Goes Here"
@ New Rogernomics

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3. Forum Settings/Options
These are Settings/Options for forum features.

Edit Profile
This menu allows editing of Profile information.

This includes the following:
  • Nation Name
  • Username
  • Date of Birth
  • Website URL (Your Website URL)
  • Location (Your Location)
  • Bio (Personal Biography)
  • Change Password (Account Password)
  • Change Email (Account Email)
  • Change Avatar (Avatar Image)
  • Change Signature (Change your Forum Signature)

Edit Options
This menu allows editing of your forum display options and notifications.

This includes the following:
  • Privacy Option to hide from Who's Online list
  • Message and Notification Options (Set how you receive messages)
  • Date and Time Options (Set the Forum Date and Time)
  • Forum Display Options (Set Topics/Threads per Page, and Thread Show Date)
  • Thread View Options (Set How Threads/Posts are Displayed)
  • Other Options (Redirect, MyCode, Editor, and Board Theme/Style Options)

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4. Plugins
These are Plugins used on our forum.

NewPoints Economy

NewPoints Economy Preview:

NewPoints is a Points System that has been used to create a regional forum economy.

NewPoints Donate

NewPoints Donate Preview:

NewPoints allows Donations to other users, as well as sales through manual shops.

NewPoints Bank

NewPoints Bank Preview:

NewPoints allows points/currency to be placed in a bank account to earn interest, as well as to allow money to be loaned from the bank.

NewPoints Shop

NewPoints Shop Preview:

NewPoints allows automated Shop Fronts/Stores where you can spend points/money.

NewPoints Lottery

NewPoints Lottery Preview:

NewPoints allows a weekly or monthly lottery, where a random winner is chosen for winnings in points/currency.

NewPoints Maintenance

NewPoints Maintenance Preview:

NewPoints has an Administration Panel area, where those correctly masked or administrators, can set points/money amounts for users, reset points/currency, and backup the NewPoints Economy or repair NewPoints Economy errors.

NewPoints Maintenance Edit User

NewPoints Maintenance Edit User Preview:

NewPoints allows Editing of User points/currency for those correctly masked or administrators, for this the user ID number is required.

NewPoints Group Roles

NewPoints Group Roles Preview:

NewPoints allows Group Roles to be set in order to provide points/currency of a set amount to each set user group on the forum.

Automated Forms

Automated Forms Example:

Automated Forms are used for forum applications for instance.

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5. Questions and Answers
Ask any further questions in this thread/topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do I Edit My Signature?
Go to the Signature Editing Area in the UserCP: Edit Signature Here

Q: What if I Can't Edit My Signature?
There are many reasons why this might occur, especially the browser storing forum information, or denying certain scripts.

In order to resolve this, ask for a manual signature edit by an admin here: Request Manual Signature Edit Here

Q: How Do I Change My Username?
Request a Username Change through the UserCP and an admin will review and approve it: Request a Username Change Here

Q: Where Do I Post Forum Administration Requests?
Post Forum Administration Requests in the Administration Area: Make an Admin Request Here

Q: Where Do I Report Forum Bugs?
Report Forum Bugs in the Administration Area: Report Forum Bugs Here

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