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Further Discussion About RP

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The poll is your salvation

So we already had some talks and discussion about this earlier, but we only narrowed it down to MT RP with a map. I know we got things we worry about and I've been here long enough to know the issues with cheating, godmodding, and people not getting along.

Frankly, I need to know what YOU want, if I am going to deliver it or work with others to get it delivered. 

Pretty excited about it, done starting RPs for a number of regions, and a lot of various types of RP work really well. I'm hoping something more fine-tuned will really have a better impact.

Been looking at all the new military factbooks for fresh talent, didn't find too much, so I stopped looking. Despite this, I want the RP to be on the main forums if it's large enough in scale, small mysteries or so on fit just fine on here.

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