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The Northern Lights Issue XXXIV (+Announcement)


Hello Lazarus! In addition to the newest issue of The Northern Lights, we have a short announcement from TNP. Recently, TNP released two tools to help nations everywhere endorse all the people they need to. Instead of manually checking every WA nation in your region, you can receive an auto-generated list of nations you haven’t yet endorsed. And that’s not all! Say you want a more specific list of WA nations. The Endotarting Query tool can easily narrow your list down to just the nations you need! We’re hoping that this tool can promote endorsements for all nations who want it.

You might be asking. Where can I find this tool? Check out this dispatch linked here: https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1483127

It has all the information you need to go on an endorsing spree! Happy endorsing!

Your friends in The North Pacific

And now, The Northern Lights:
Text Version:

[Image: NQ5NIkg.jpg][Image: bdmC8AK.jpg][Image: 8L0kyZU.jpg][Image: m8tupA9.jpg][Image: qt7uCSu.jpg][Image: 1I1zfrU.jpg][Image: UnhUiwd.jpg][Image: S7TNVR0.jpg][Image: UhOns9S.jpg][Image: 9nxnugl.jpg][Image: ZDYwDD2.jpg][Image: dbgcw2e.jpg][Image: bHQnN4r.jpg][Image: eFEWXTF.jpg][Image: NFT2yOM.jpg][Image: K8p4rid.jpg]

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