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Article Submission: Arclandia Celebrates First NS Birthday!


Region/Organization: Lazarus/LazCorp
Article Type: Commentary
[Image: gOQnjcI.png]

Arclandia Celebrates First NS Birthday!

Author/s: By Arclandia


[Image: DaegyoN.png]

Esteemed Leaders and Noble Delegates,

It is with a glad heart that Arclandia wishes to announce its first NationStates birthday, and we would like to invite all of you to join us on our cruise fleet as our complimentary guests for this most historic of anniversaries. The flagship of the fleet, the A.W.C. Staffordshire, has been remodeled with accommodations fit especially for His Immensity, Tubbius, Honored Leader of the Tubbian Treadwellians, his charming spouse, and any entourage that delights them so that all invited may participate. If you would like to honor us with a gift, we have all our needs met, want for nothing, and most gratefully request instead that you donate to our Foreign Aid budget or engage in a goodwill mission in our name within our parameters to benefit your neighbors as this will most nobly reflect our culture to the world. Accommodations are otherwise first-come, first-serve, and no worries about who gets better what than whom: we are a remarkably egalitarian culture and wouldn't put anyone in such a position. We are excited to see as many of you as are keen to join us. In celebration, we have again gone through the roster of Lazarene nations to exchange as much diplomacy as we are able by means of exchanging World Assembly endorsements so as to add to the integrated strength of the region and extend a friendly hand of greeting. If you miss the festivities or cannot attend, there are no hard feelings; you can still celebrate from afar by trading Foreign Aid to your neighbors. May you all enjoy a prosperous 2021!

<<THIS MESSAGE HAS BEEN PAID FOR BY THE Arclandian Ambassadorial Division AND Arclandian Diplomacy Corps.>>

Most Exuberantly,
Arc Ignius Rex
Chief Public Administrator to the Free Land of Arclandia
The Arclandian Ambassadorial Division
The Arclandian Diplomacy Corps
and all topically relevant central agencies

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