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OOC: Salutations!

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Greetings one and all,

I'd like to extend an out of character hello to the region. According to my nation's Residency stat, I've been actually been in the region for about nine months since my nation got placed here due to prolonged inactivity. It's only been in the last month or so that I really decided to lightly engage in RMB RP, and I've been appreciating that in small doses. I'm super grateful to the region's RPers for making space for me to get in the middle of things and not being annoyed by the fact that I just kind of jumped in. I'm excited to be here and be a bit more involved, and I'm eager to trade endorsements with everyone. If anyone is responsible for writing and editing legislation, it's my pleasure to aid that effort.

I do have five other nations, all of which are also in Lazarus:
  • Arcsmashia (Arclandia's security forces),
  • Cassidon (a militaristic dictatorship),
  • Minifief (an experiment in seeing what kind of nation my whims generate),
  • Monetillia (an experiment in NS economics), and
  • Saevisia (a pirate nation).
I have a tendency to assume that all messages sent in the game are sent in character, so please don't assume I'm out of my head based on how my nations' leaders respond to you in the game's inboxes, especially in Cassidon or Saevisia — it's not me, I promise. Blush With that said, this is likely to be the only thread in which I'll participate out of character unless there's an off-topic subforum floating about this environment.

Thank you so much for having me,
Arc Ignius Rex
Chief Public Administrator to the Free Land of Arclandia
The Arclandian Ambassadorial Division
The Arclandian Diplomacy Corps
and all topically relevant central agencies


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