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The Lazarene Gazette October 2020

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The Official Newspaper of Lazarus
Issue 10 (or is it?) • October 2020 • 2 Pages

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By New Rogernomics 

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It seems that I am back to writing in the Gazette, and getting to see that this actually gets published once a while, and perhaps bringing some journalism back to Lazarus will encourage others to contribute to the regional newspaper. Though I am not holding my breath, as writing articles can be time consuming and not as fascinating to some as engaging in a war, fighting zombies, or eating brains. Brains, brains, more brains….

Sorry about that everyone, it is just that Lazarus turned out for the worse this year, with the zombies having a major victory. It is very hard to keep focused, though somehow, I have managed to survive the zombie epidemic, by remaining in a bunker and repeatedly injecting myself with the cure every once in a while. New Rogernomics did not participate in Z-Day this year, though the zombies never get the message apparently.

As for the future of the Lazarene Gazette, it is time to start publishing at least once a month, and giving a few weeks’ time for contributions before going to the presses. Perhaps with some scheduling that is constant from month to month, nations will send in an article or two. Certainly I hope for the quality of the publication to improve from this rushed issue.

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By New Rogernomics

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After the last Prime Minister Temmi was removed for inactivity, McChimp was elected Prime Minister of Lazarus with a 64.7% majority, claiming victory over Domais who ran against McChimp. McChimp promises in their term to improve the Internal Management department, host more regional events, and maintain the current state of alliances and expand the regional guard, the regional military arm of Lazarus. McChimp also promises as Prime Minister to improve upon the activity of the Lazarene Gazette, the regional newspaper.
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By New Rogernomics

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Prime Minister McChimp recently announced that Domais will serve as Minister of Internal Management, with New Rogernomics and Whatermelons as deputies, while Chanku will head up the Public Relations Department. In other appointments, Frankender will be the new Director of Shareholdership, and JoWhatup will be the new Director of the Regional Guard.
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By New Rogernomics

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With a new regional map, it is hoped that role-playing or at least having a reasonably up to date map of the region will improve international relations, and allow nations to get a general idea of where their nations are located in comparison to other nations.
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By New Rogernomics 

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Given my position in Lazarus, it is difficult to make my opinion heard without it being interpreted a criticism of the government by the Vice-Delegate, and I certainly do not want to undermine an administration for a disagreement with policy as a private citizen, as the separation of powers will be important for Lazarus in the future.

Essentially in a functional or vibrant democracy, you need to fulfill three conditions: a free press, a political system with checks on power, and free and fair elections. Though the unsaid and necessary addition to this is an active voting public that is well-informed and participating in their government. Lazarus would certainly meet some of these criteria, with free and fair elections, and some checks on power, though government participation is still fairly low.

When looking through the mirror, as a citizen that has lived through several iterations of Lazarus, government participation is more extensive with the current one, though how much of this is down to the advent of discord is difficult to say. The Humane Republic was not exactly that active in inter-regional events, and the same with the Celestial Union, though it does have something that the current government lacks - a large community of lawmakers, an active judiciary, and a forum community that was always contributing.

As for how Lazarus might go about a long-term fix or a quick fix, that is more of a debate with no entirely straightforward answer. It could elect the Delegate, though that might risk a coup by a political opportunist, who the moment elected turns Lazarus into an outright autocracy. It could also elect Ministers directly, or set up an Upper House or Senate, which in turn could lead to accusations of elitism and old-guard-ism, should those elected and appointed continue to be the same old faces.

Not to mention the risk of change is ending up with worse than what you started with, which is the mistake of switching out a stable system for something might make things more active - as certainly the Celestial Union made Lazarus active, though not the right sort of activity many would have to agree with hindsight. Though, having defeated attempts to return to the People's Republic of Lazarus, it would have been all but impossible without the likes of Milograd and a dedicated team committed to making it work - and Lazarus never had those up to the task. So, the past is really not the solution to Lazarus' activity woes as nostalgic as many may be for the 'good old days', as those past regimes had players that made those systems function - that have either left the region or moved on to greater things.

Lazarus will need to cultivate journalism if it is to thrive politically, and culturally, as constant re-examination, is how a region discovers that direction the system needs to go in, and what path is most beneficial. Whereas a region that just settles for the status quo is not going to grow, it is going to decline, or stay where it is. Whether that is through state media, private citizens spreading the word, or general public debate.

Disclaimer: This article was opinion, and as such is the view of a private citizen, and not the official position of Lazarus nor the Lazarene government.
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