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Frankenderian Caller, "The ONLY Protectors of Freedom in Lazarus"

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The Frankenderian Caller
The ONLY Protectors of Freedom in Lazarus
Most recent issue:
[Image: gDjRV0W.png]
Issue 001:
Lazarene Delegate Knowingly Beaching the Constitution?

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Click to view an archived issue of the Frankenderian Caller!
Quote:001: Lazarene Delegate Knowingly Beaching the Constitution?

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[Image: qC06shd.png]
          The Frankenderian Caller was originally founded on January 25th, 1985, coinciding with the presidential elections of Frankender that same year.  First formed as the Frankender News Network, the corporation quickly began to get involved in the regional affairs of Lazarus.  The name was officially changed on March 21st, 2016 to the Lazarene News Corporation, with the formation of the Black Phoenix, a regional newspaper for Lazarus available to all citizens of Lazarus, not just Frankenderians.  At the time, many questioned the authenticity of the newspaper after the Frankenderian government took control of the company in 2001 after the September 11 attacks on the United States.  The paper was incorporated into the Lazarene Gazette on May, 2016 when Frankender took over the Ministry of the Interior of Lazarus, and David Beckley, former editor-in-chief of the Black Phoenix, subsequently took over the Lazarene Gazette.

          Timothy Beckley, son of David Beckley, refounded the Black Phoenix in August 2020 with a new image: the Frankenderian Caller, aimed at exposing the corruption within Lazarus.  He currently serves as editor-in-chief.  It is considered to be the Lazarene Gazette's only competitor and the forefront figure in reporting news in Lazarus and abroad.


          View one of five archived editions of the Black Phoenix below:

Issue #001 - Landslide Elections


Issue #003 - General Election Results, New Grand Advisor, Izon Resigns

Issue #004 - Loftegen Loses His Mind

Issue #005 - DEN Falls, Civil War

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