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Delegacies and Festivals!


Hello my friends, I have a few things extra to update y'all on!  

So, as you all probably knew, we in TSP just finished our delegate elections.  We had two candidates, PenguinPies and Amerion.

The winner of the election and TSP's newest Delegate-elect is Amerion!  

And, if you didn't know, Independence Day is very soon, and we plan on celebrating that the best we can!  Please feel free to join the South Pacific Independence Day 2020 festival!


Good afternoon, Chums!

Just a general update just in case.

This is our current Government.

WA Delegate (Head of State): Aumeltopia/Somyrion.
Delegate-Elect: Amerion.

Prime Minister (Head of Government): Nakari.
Minister of Regional Affairs: Seraph/Erinor.
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Jay/Qvait.
Minister of Military Affairs: Phoenix/FiHami.

This is currently who we have appointed to Lazarus.

TSP Secretary of State: Qaz/Qaweritoyu.
Ambassador: Phoenix/FiHami.

If you wish to ask any questions, please do ask in this thread and I will answer as many as I can and ASAP.

TSP Secretary of State to Lazarus.

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