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June 1st, 2020 Foreign Update


Month In Review


World Assembly Endorsement Program (WASP)

This month we launched our World Assembly Endorsement Program (WASP)! Immediately upon its launch, our endorsements per nation went up by a pretty good margin. As part of WASP, we now congratulate our best endorsers at the beginning of every month, and established a weekly raffle for all endorsers that make it into the monthly mention! (For one week, raffle winners get an honorable mention on our WFE, as well as their own color role on our Discord server!)

Resource Improvement

This month has had us (mainly Tulov) making a lot of improvements to the forum, dispatches, and our WFE. We've added new maps to our Nation RP maps dispatch, refurbished many of our old dispatches, created guides to both the Gaian and Nation RPs, made applications for our Royal Houses on our forum, and re-did our WFE to be more compact and ensure important info is accessible!

New Developments!

Firstly, SPACE! According to our Patrician of Space Cartography, Renaria, space should be done in around 3 months, maybe even less if we’re lucky! Things are roughly 70% complete.
WASP, of course!
Reopening/revamping the Chronicles of Gaia, our regional newspaper!
Embassies with Geopolity and Hartfelden, as well as Consulates with The Union of Democratic States and The East Pacific


We hit 100 people in our Discord Server this month!
Over 20 nations on the Nation RP map for the first time!

1st July, 2020

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