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Hello Friends!

A quick update from Thalassia, where we have been busy with a number of regional referendums!

We recently voted to introduce new titles for the region, including replacing Sho’s title as Founder, and Sho is now known as Queen of Thalassia. There are no changes to the powers of the Founder (or any other positions), this is purely an aesthetic change. Thalassia continues to be the seafaring bastion of liberty, democracy and solidarity that you have all come to know.

We are also shortly due to vote on a proposal to join the United Regions Alliance as we seek more international co-operation on World Assembly affairs. A number of our friends are already part of this Alliance and we look forward to the referendum.

Our friendships with all our embassy regions are highly valued and the Thalassian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is at your service should you have any thoughts, questions or ideas to discuss with us.

Ambassador to Lazarus and Minister of Foreign Affairs

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