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Article Submission: Demonos Vies for Mars

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Region/Organization: Lazarus/LazCorp
Article Type: News Report
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Demonos Vies for Mars

Author/s: By @ Demonos

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## Interregional Press Release##


The government of The Principality of Demonos has announced their intention to land personnel on Mars by the end of 2029. The sovereign of Demonos, Lady Vera, delivered the government's directives in a meeting of ministerial heads during her annual Walpurgisnacht speech. "Demonos shall seek to expand not to the horizon which is neighbored by our friends but, to the stars where lands have yet been imprinted by any foot," she said, "...to colonize distant planets and return resources, to offer interstellar tourism to our regional neighbors, to secure the Principality for ten-thousand years we must go to Mars." This announcement was met with general agreement amongst ministers.

"Lady Vera's plan to colonize Mars is the type of vision that the congregation of ministers desired", explained Minister of Energy, Lady Salene of Vapula, "the Freyja Mission can only be successful if our nation works together as a whole. The task is monumental! Interstellar colonization is the future of national expansion. The Ministry of Energy will have to invent new technologies that have not before existed."

Thom Gris, Minister of Labor, stated, "idle hands make idle citizens. The labor force will find this an opportunity for advanced education. The Freyja Mission will need our labor force at its peak of technical knowledge. The Ministry of Labor is working closely with the Ministry of Education for technical re-education of current laborers. Look at our welders. They need to understand new methods for higher grade materials. Look at our operators, they must begin to understand quantum circuit integration. By the deadline we may have the smartest workforce of any other nation. Yes, the demands are fierce. I am sure Lady Vera wouldn't do this unless she knew we could achieve this as a nation." 

"There are so many things that could go wrong", said Dr. AX-5566 of Demonos Polytechnic University. Dr. AX-5566 revolutionized the world by being the first Nobel Prize winning university professor that identifies as synthetic. "We can figure out a trans-martian injection of Freyja, but, will biological life be capable of surviving the journey? Synthetics must have representation for mission success. Lady Vera did not elaborate on the role synthetic citizens will play."

Lady Vera said before the congregation of ministers on Walpurgisnacht, "Demonos has one of the best telecommunications industry in Lazarus. We have produced a satellite communications matrix that can support packages of data between Demonos and Mars. We have begun to lay the foundation that by the end of the decade will see us on multiple worlds. These first settlers will not be returning. They will be our anchors on this new world. We will do what we can to insure their stability in that hostile world so that, when this century has finalized, Demonos will be a wealthy interstellar power." 

## End of Press Release##


Thanks for your submission. The article is very good. Would you mind if it got included in the next Gazette issue?

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