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Introducing the Lazarene Cards Guild


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What is the Cards Guild?

The Lazarene Cards Guild is a regional Cards Guild that is intended to help promote NS Cards within the region. The Cards Guild can help you grow your collections by:
  • Regional curated tips and tricks involving cards,
  • Occasional giveaways,
  • And more.
We encourage you to post all thing related to cards in this forum.

Helpful Dispatches and the likes

Coming soon.
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Did this just never happen? It would be nice to have like a card trading network, and giveaways

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There has to be more farmers than just me for a network. Check out the region A Lazarene Card Farm.


Good luck with this! Cards a cool domain to expand into, and I think Laz has the personnel to do something creative and fun with them!
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Pull events are a lot of fun, but lots could go wrong. TCAL is hard to figure out. You could be blocked or heisted, and lose upward of 400 bank. It is important for those events to have many farming partners that you can coordinate with and rely on, especially if there is an attempted heist.

During elections, I give away free epic cards to everyone who voted. That giveaway is manageable. As an extra incentive, I would like to give away a random, free legendary too, but I do not have the resources or time to confidently maintain that level of giveway every election cycle.

It is good to remember that cards boil down to a lot of time smashing the enter key, sorting through puppets, and buying/selling cards. With all the scripts, and if you are focused, it takes around 1 hour for every 100 puppets. 500 issues per hour, roughly 2-3 packs per nation, and 2 out of every 10 nations yielding no packs. The time spent to reward ratio isn't great because it is largely random. There could be days you farm 1000 puppets and not pull one legendary, and days where you pull 30.

Because of all the time and work required, for the guild to really expand, it would need to be a team effort, incorporating many outside partnerships to supplement bank and technology until it began to snowball.

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