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Goodbye Again


Heya folks,

So this is my notice that I am going to be stepping down from the Court soon. A variety of circumstances had already meant that I was considering stepping back but recent events in which a certain part of the community has made clear that I am not welcome as far as they are concerned and that they do not feel I can separate my duties and Lazarus and my duties in other regions. While I fundamentally disagree with the later point their expressing of the former attitude has contributed to me bringing forward my departure. I wish to stress that I was already intending to step down and that recent occurrences have merely brought forward my departure.
I will not be leaving right now as I am not going to leave the court a man down. Those who wish to apply for my place on the court are encouraged to message Tubbius and the chosen applicant will be taught legal interpretation by me before they are appointed to the role. Only then will I step down with another Wymwall :p


Good luck!
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Sorry to see you go, Wymondham.

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Well, I suppose this is a wrap from me folks.

Shortly, @ Atlantica will be posting a judicial interpretation ruling on HEPA in the relevant thread, this will be the first time a judicial interpretation or trial verdict has been written by me and thus I feel now is the correct time to go, It has been an honour and a privilege to serve on this court. This is a venerable instutiton and I hope very much that it continues for as long as NS exists.

Thank you to my fellow justices Amerion and Atlantica, as well as Tubbius for the faith he showed in me for twice appointing me to the court. I leave this position with no grudges against anyone and consider you all friends OOC no matter how much some of us may disagree in character.

I wish to say that I hold enormous respect for the Lazarene community and it has been my privilege to serve this community. Whatever may happen between me and this community in the future, I will always care and respect it and wish you all the best in your futures both on NS and in Real life.

Now its time for me to get some sort of title or something :p
I resign, effective immediately from the Court of Lazarus
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Thank you for your service.


Your service as a Court Justice has been astounding, and it has been a tremendous honor to serve with you on the Court. Your presence on the Court's proverbial benches will be sorely missed, no doubt, and I doth my proverbial judicial wig to you.
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