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History of The People's Republic of Lazarus


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History of The People's Republic of Lazarus
Established 10/21/13
Feux's Term Comes to an End

Feux, in his final great act as delegate, removed the presence of imperialist interlopers from the region; the imperialists had previously established a voting bloc in the council that acted in foreign interests, and presented an immediate threat to Lazarene sovereignty. This decision prompted the LKE to end relations with Lazarus, Lazarus to close embassies and void treaties with TNI, and for all Lazarene treaties with imperialists to end.

Harmoneia was appointed to the delegacy by Feux and a vote from the Emerald Council approved of this transition. Milograd was appointed to the vice-delegacy and to roles as a security commissioner; newcomer Kazmr, Matheca, and Aperi joined the Lazarene Cabinet. These were, however, some of the final acts of the Emerald Council.

Birth of the People's Republic

Harmoneia, seeking to secure Lazarene sovereignty, abolish the monarchy and nobility, and rejuvenate the region, proposed the abolishment of the Lazarene Kingdom's constitution. The Emerald Council approved it and thereby dissolved itself. Shortly thereafter, former councilors were called to vote on a new constitution: the Constitution of the People's Republic of Lazarus. The charter opens with a simple explanation of its goals:
Quote: wroteTonguereamble

The Socialist Harmonious Society of Lazarus (SHSL) and the People's Republic of Lazarus (PRL) exist with three primary purposes:
  • To protect the sovereignty and residents of the Lazarene region,
  • To enhance the gaming experiences of our Lazarene comrades,
  • To work towards building a harmonious society in our region.

In this day and age many game-created regions are governed by entities that are increasingly remote from the in-game population. The Socialist Harmonious Society, through the words and actions of the people, strives to bridge that gap in Lazarus and develop a government that directly interacts and serves the will of the people, and that provides equality to all Lazarenes. This can and must be done through displaying participation, interest, loyalty, and attachment to our class, and by marching towards our ideal Lazarus while also fighting against ideas and entities that would hinder our progress towards achieving the three goals.
The new Lazarene constitution established a more powerful executive that had the power to efficiently carry out the desires of the people, while also having the position be accountable to the people. The new organs of the Lazarene government were established in this important document: the People's Party of Lazarus, the provinces, the People's Congress, the State Council, and the People's Militia were formed.

Shortly afterwards, the essay "The False Independence" was published by Lazarus' state media apparatus, and it outlined a change in how Lazarus looks at neutrality on the international stage by pointing out the shortcomings of neutrality in practice. The People's Militia was then declared to be a defender military, which marked the first time in over a half a decade that a game-created region's military openly decided to fight against invaders.

The initial government of the People's Republic was as follows:
Quote: wrote:Chairwoman and WA Delegate: Harmoneia
Vice-Chairman and Vice-Delegate: Milograd

Governor of Military Affairs: Drop Your Pants
Governor of Information: Kazmr
Governor of Culture: Matheca
Governor of Diplomacy: Aperi
Governor of Justice: EvilBob
The inaugural People's Congress was elected by the citizens of Lazarus in the beginning of November 2013.

Relations after the PRL's Establishment

The beginning of the People's Republic, in terms of foreign relations, can best be described as a period of dropping treaties and relations with region's that were imperialist-sympathizers and/or disrespectful towards the legitimacy of the Lazarene people's rule of their sovereignty, while transitioning towards friendships with likeminded, respectful friends of ours. It was truly a test of who our friends were, indeed.

No great change is without its reactionaries. Imperialists were quick to condemn the region's choice to stand against invaders and to remove imperialists from the region, and regions in the diplomatic network of the imperialists maligned Lazarus. The best instance of this occurred when Balder's Queen, Solorni, made a speech that suggested that Harmoneia was an ally to imperialists who reversed the "great destruction of Feux." This could only be seen as an effort to confuse the world and turn loyal Lazarenes against each other, and the statement contained untrue statements that served to enhance Solorni's image at Lazarus' expense. She to take productive action to address Lazarus' concerns when she was confronted privately about Lazarus' objection to the statement. The speech was published internationally in a Balderan foreign update; when it became evident that Solorni was a reactionary who didn't respect Lazarus, Lazarus closed embassies with Balder and dissolved their treaty.

The South Pacific's delegate, Belschaft, saw the establishment of the People's Republic as an insult to the South Pacific Coalition because of Milograd's presence within it; in April of 2013, Milograd's "SPSR" overthrew the Coalition of The South Pacific and established an extremely controversial transitional regime that fell after a ten day struggle. Milograd later issued an apology, but Belschaft maintained bitterness about the incident, which was witnessed when he, earlier that year, pursued a policy of trying to remove Milograd from Lazarus. These feelings had not disappeared, so Belschaft ordered the closure of TSP's embassy with Lazarus. His cabinet forced him to reverse the decision because it was done hastily and without their consent. It was then Milograd who later jumped the gun by closing treaties with TSP after he heard word that they didn't intend to maintain the traty, but this was proven to be incorrect. Fortunately, they were able to sort out the issue, and The South Pacific and Lazarus signed a non-aggression pact.

By shedding ties with reactionary regions that had no genuine respect for Lazarus, the region was free to pursue new friendships and build upon those who stood by Lazarus during the transition. Relations with The Rejected Realms and The East Pacific in particular improved, and seeds of friendship with 10000 Islands, Mordor, The Pacific, the United Defenders League, the RIA, and other organizations and groups were planted. These groups, who largely shared the Lazarene belief about defending innocents against destructive invasions, were seen as ideal friends of the people.
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