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MT RP: Diplomatic Immunity

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Diplomatic Immunity

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A devastating attack on a multinational diplomatic summit targets delegates from several nations, sending worldwide tensions soaring as the nations victimized by the attack immediately scramble to discover the source of the threat. Suspicions abound, and with so many nations assuming their war-footing in the wake of the attack, the world is on a knifes-edge.

Will your nation work to find the truth and reestablish peace? Or will your nation seize the opportunity to fire the opening shots under the shadow of a war?... 


RP will be focused around the situation following the attack on the diplomatic summit. There are many opportunities for players of all kinds: Exercise your Political or diplomatic skills to try and salvage peace from a desperate and chaotic global situation, Use your subterfuge and discretion to move in the shadows; seek out intelligence or take covert action to bring the perpetrators to justice... or to tip the scales in your favor against a rival nation,  or just take a chance to embroil your military in a regional conflict that could soon prove borderless.

(This is intended for more serious roleplayers, All are welcome to join, but be willing to do some research and learn about global politics or military strategy before you commit to an action, the impact may not be what you intend! Bear in mind this is just an exercise in being creative and developing a story, so dont worry about any lasting effects or penalties to your Regional standing, just take your time and enjoy!)

Interested players submit an RP application in the Sign-up Thread prior to posting in this Thread. 
Military actions will be moderated based off of the size of the force employed, the timeframe of action, and the counter-action of other forces. 
No God-Modding/Retconning/Flooding
NPC actions will be taken by the Moderator
Modern Tech, based off of Nearest IRL Counterpart to your nation (general factbooks are acceptable on review)

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