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RP Application Thread : "Diplomatic Immunity"


Interested Players submit the following information in a reply to this post, and I will review and respond with either Approved, or any adjustments that may need to be made. 
Bear in mind this is a MT RP, and we are shooting for realism and storytelling with this one, so keep any military deployments realistic, and try not to approach this as a "play to win" scenario. Take your time to develop the world, your nation, and the story!

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: (this is generally in relation to the closest IRL counterpart to your NS nation)
RP ROLE(s): ( What involvement would you like your nation to have in the RP? (Military, Diplomatic, Covert Intelligence, etc.))
SIZE OF FORCE: (If involving your nations military, describe the size of the force you are deploying)
NOTABLE CHARACTERS: (List any specific RP characters you would like to note for reference such as diplomats, military commanders, national leaders... Include a brief description of appearance, background, job title, etc.)

World map will be in the works for later, but for now just use good old Earth and google maps as a reference, or if you want to color in a rough area for a visual, this is a good tool. Generally, just a rough guesstimate at the size and location of your nation by description will suffice for now.

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