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Office of the Managing Director

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Announcement from the Managing Director
Director Removals and Appointments
As per Mandate 12, I would like to remove Leonism and Custadia as Directors, and appoint Debussy as Director of Internal Management and Kingdom of Napels as Director of Public Relations.
Mandate 12, Article IV, Sections 6 and 7 Wrote:(6) The Prime Minister may appoint Cabinet Ministers to assist with executive ministries, programs and activities, and must fill any ministries mandated by law. Appointment of Cabinet Ministers will be subject to confirmation by 50%+1 vote of the Assembly.

(7) Cabinet Ministers will serve until the end of the Prime Minister's term or until resignation, removal from office by the Assembly or the Prime Minister, or automatic removal from office.

Mentioned in my MD campaign, the cabinet mix-up has arrived! Custadia and Leonism have done great work with diplomatic talks and RP organization respectively, but I think having different individuals in charge of the PR and IM departments can help them grow more in the coming months.

That's where Kingdom of Napels (who has a steady head and showed a talent for helping others get involved during his time as Guard Director) and Debussy (who has helped conduct multiple IM projects and shown an appetite for more in the same direction) come in. I look forward to working with them more in the future, so please consider supporting them as Directors when their appointments come before the Assembly!

mooze pencil:
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I am honored to be considered for Director of PR, and will do my best to fullfil the role. Congratulations to Debussy, as well!


While I was slightly surprised when Imaginary asked me to switch positions with Debussy, I understand her reasoning and wish my successor all the best. He has proven great dedication, energy and creativity, so should fulfill the role in an excellent manner. I am sorry if I disappointed anyone in my role as Director.
Vice Director of Internal Management
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Announcement from the Managing Director
Department Director appointments
I would like to announce my cabinet, after having thought about it and poked the people in question: Mzeusia as Director of Internal Management and Domais as Director of Public Relations.

Mzeusia has long been a part of the region and has been responsible for our adventure polls, as well as being a valued member of the RMB community, and having served as Developer. I am confident they will be a great addition to the cabinet, and I hope the Assembly agrees with me on that.

Domais has been a shareholder for a while, but since he joined the Public Relations Department a month ago he has been a strong advocate for increased activity in the department with regards to foreign updates and ambassador placements. Indeed, he has already offered his help in reaching out to those regions of neutral alignment. I believe he can bring new life to the PR Department and it is my sincere hope that the Assembly will give Domais their support.
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Announcement from the Managing Director
Director of Shareholders appointment
Hey all Smile

So, as of the citizenship act, the Prime Minister must appoint a Director of Shareholders:
Quote:(2) The Prime Minister shall appoint a Minister as a Granting Official to advise the Delegate on citizenship applications.

Therefore, I have decided to appoint McChimp/Custadia as Director of Shareholders, who can do the following:
Quote:(3) The Granting Official may recommend to the Delegate that an applicant be declined when they:

a. Have no nation residing in Lazarus or noted on their application.
b. Have a criminal history in another region or organization.
c. Do not present themselves as a good prospect for citizenship

McChimp has been a long-time citizen and currently serves as Security Auditor. I believe he will make for a great Director of Shareholders who can give the Delegate valuable advice. I hope the Assembly will consider supporting this appointment.
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Announcement from the Managing Director
Director of Public Relations appointment
Following Domais' resignation as Director of Public Relations, we are in need of a new Director of Public Relations. Therefore, I would like to appoint Ryccia as Director of Public Relations of Lazarus.

Ryccia has been a long-time member of our community, currently serving as a Security Auditor. Ryccia has also served as our Director of Public Relations before, and was very professional and active in the role, before he had to resign because of inactivity. He has agreed to take up the role once more, and I look forward to working with him in foreign affairs, and I hope you will consider voting for his appointment Smile
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