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My Resignation


I should have done this a long time ago.

It has been an honour to serve you as our Foreign Minister. An honour I did not earn. I consider that I have done a mediocre job at best these past few months, and my inactivity has gotten to the point where I cannot ignore it anymore without the painful sense of guilt and powerlessness overwhelming me.

I initially started out in the government with the hope that I was going to make it big. I was going to get the dreams I had long so desired in my six years of NationStates. If I was worthy, I would do a great job and serve a region for once. I helped Imaginary as Deputy Foreign Minister, and I am prouder of my work in that role than the one I am now because I was mostly useful. Now, my own incompetence has been laid bare. I give up.

Lazarus deserves better, and I find that I am not a competent enough person to lead the Foreign Ministry. Simply put, I am not cut out to be in such a position at this time. My insomnia and the new workload that originated at my first rough first semester at university did not do me any favours. They just sapped my energy to the point where I had become totally unmotivated and hopeless to do anything. I went inactive and I have let my responsibilities slide for far too long. For this I have failed you. I have failed to be an effective, active and competent Minister. I cannot even leave a successor to run the Ministry. That I shall leave for the government to decide. That is the level of my incompetence, and for this I humbly ask for the forgiveness of the region for my irresponsibility and macabre leadership in my role. I can only hope to be considered "below average" in the Lazarene history books.

I do not ask to be thanked as I step down. I feel that I deserve not such an honour.

Ryccia, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs

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You did a good job, so you shouldn't feel too bad resigning.

Especially since elections have begun, and folks will have to be decided upon anew anyway.

Enjoy your free time, and the rest of NS. Smile
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I'm sorry to see you go, Ryccia. Don't be too harsh on yourself - inactivity is sometimes just out of your control. I hope to see you around still.


I agree with the others. Try not to beat yourself up on this! Still, stick around, and be a good Lazarene. Smile


All the very best, Ry! <3


Ryccia, you are to harsh on yourself, in ever interaction I have had with you as your counterpart in Osiris I could not have a bad word to say about you. Good luck in your future and all the best.

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Zleep vell Ryccia. And grrrr dezpite your unazking for it - thank you for zervice in our FA team! :) <3
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