Tubbius in the Flesh
Copying things over from the thread from the Constitutional Convention!  As noted there, all work I'm reposting is done by Imaginary, on Discord.

[Image: tubbychimney.png?width=412&height=431]

[Image: IMG_2958.JPG?width=440&height=600]

[Image: IMG_2953.JPG?width=573&height=430]
[Image: IMG_3061.JPG?width=633&height=475]

Tubbius hard at work!

[Image: IMG_3079.JPG?width=574&height=430]

Recently, a bit of fun.  Rapper Gangsta Fat, artist of the number one single "Big Butt Cheeks" which praises the size of His Immensity's derriere, came by the summer palace in Piggy Cliff, Treadwellia, to film part of the upcoming video for his new hit, "My TubBra's Too Tight."  The song, performed as if from the perspective of a Tubbius who has outgrown His doctor-prescribed TubBra undergarment, features brief clips of Tubbius mmph-mmph singing alongside the portly musician.

[Image: IMG_3082.JPG]
Tubbius in the rain!

[Image: IMG_3092.JPG]

and Tubbius as He acts in a one-night showing of the opera Tubbiest Tubby God!

[Image: tubbylit.jpg]
Poor horsey.

[Image: lessinteresting.JPG]

Tubbius in a guest spot on a caveman television show!

[Image: tubbsfire.jpg]

From Lava Lamps to Doughnuts!

[Image: IMG_3087.JPG]

And the aftermath. . . .

[Image: IMG_3089.JPG]

Happy dancing couple in a spotlight!

[Image: IMG_3075.JPG]

And, lastly for now, Tubbius and His pet sow, Pinky!

[Image: IMG_3106.JPG]
The Tubbius family gets into festivities with their American counterparts! Happy Independence Day!

With six children in the image, it looks like the Two Tubbies got stuck caring for Their four and the Biggenbottoms' two!

[Image: IMG_3108.JPG]

A few more snippets of the Tubbius life!

First, Baby Tubbius wakes up Doggy Tubbius. Oops.

[Image: IMG_2948.JPG]

Next, Baby Tubbius experiencing the joy of pizza! Not a good idea, perhaps, given Baby is only six months old, eternally.

[Image: IMG_2945.JPG]

Tubbius and Doggy Tubbius at rest.

[Image: IMG_2913.JPG]

[Image: IMG_3118.JPG]


[Image: tubbsparkour.jpg]
This should really be a real life comic strip. Tubbius, you should write a book about Tubbius and have Imaginary illustrate it.
 Nakari: bowiemoria = marilyn manson freaks but from a different decade?
Tubbius and Professor Stanley Tummy playing a game of chess.  I think it's safe to say that Professor Tummy has an assistant somewhere who got him from his wheelchair to this armchair.  Smile

[Image: IMG_3126.JPG]
"Eight hundred twenty-five pounds!"  "MMPH!"

[Image: tubbdoctor.jpg]
Good stuff, as per the usual.
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