Monthly Update - Europe - January 2018
The Foreign Department Of Europe Has Been Revamping It's International Affairs. In such, we have brought back monthly updates. Here is the monthly update for January - 

European Foreign Office Update 01/19

Hello All! It’s been a long time since the last EuroUpdate. About 9 months, by my count. Hopefully there won’t be that long of a delay before the next one!
This month has seen the passing of the Advisor Dismissal Act 2019, the one year anniversary of our first First Deputy Commissioner election, and the opening of Europe’s RMB to all nations in embassy regions.
Election season began this month, with our current First Deputy Commissioner, [Image: st_scarlett__323398t2.png]St Scarlett, announcing her intent to rerun for the position. Contrary to some more exciting elections in the past, she remained the only candidate for some days before NationStates veteran [Image: nardin__879825t2.png]Nardin joined in the race to avoid having no election occur at all. With no official campaigns run for the election the vast majority decided to maintain the status quo and re-elected [Image: st_scarlett__323398t2.png]St Scarlett in a landslide victory. The two candidates in a show of good sportsmanship provided one another with one vote and remain on good terms.
The Advisor Dismissal Act 2019, proposed by [Image: regnum_italiae__763309t2.jpg]Regnum Italiae and put to vote by [Image: st_scarlett__323398t2.png]St Scarlett, was a bill put before the European Parliament with the intent of dismissing the role of Advisor. The office was held by [Image: forgotton_warriors__899531t2.jpg]Forgotton Warriors. It managed to reach the quorum of 43 votes. However, after [Image: imperium_anglorum__619595t2.png]Imperium Anglorum dismissed Forgotton Warriors, [Image: eurofounder__613884t2.png]EuroFounder re-appointed Forgotten Warriors to the position. When asked about this move, EuroFounder responded with “The Founder of a region is under no obligation to open regional officer appointments to a vote.” This has increased resentment by some of our members against the founder, but does not indicate in any way that the European Government is divided, and Europe remains strong regardless of the opinions and actions of the founder.
In light of a proposed event with The South Pacific, the decision has been made by the Government of Europe to allow embassy regions to post on Europe’s Regional Message Board. We hope that this will also serve to strengthen bonds between our embassy regions and ourselves, and may lead to more events with embassy regions in the future.
Speaking of The South Pacific, our embassy with them opened at the end of December, after a near-unanimous vote for its opening from the electorate of both regions.
This months update written by - [Image: novgorod-pskov__672105t2.jpg]Novgorod-Pskov[Image: st_scarlett__323398t2.png]St Scarlett, and [Image: the_poland-lithuania_commonwealth__46280t2.jpg]The Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth.
Thanks for the update! ^-^
Waste this night away with me.

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