The Pacifica Monthly Update - January 2019
Just popping by, thought I'd say Hi 
I'm the new Ambassador, already done the required forms and such.
Here's the Monthly update, in a dispatch:

If, in the future, you want it directly pasted into the forum, then just let me know and I'll remember that for next time.
- Toerana
Thank you for alerting us of this excellent update. We are pleased to have to here.
Glad to have you here Bowshot! Thanks for the update, good to see Pacifica is still makin' the bacon.  \o/

Leaving a link to a dispatch is fine if that's the way you prefer to do it. I know that changing around code for different forums can get super frustrating. x.x (also this way we can upvote it!)
Waste this night away with me.
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