Form submission: Lazarene Regional Guard Sign Up Form
Your nation in Lazarus: Your Imaginary Friend

Discord ID (if any):: Sylven Razedusk#1404

Your timezone (UTC/GMT):: EST

Can you be on at major update (12 AM EST/5 AM UTC)?: If alerted that I need to be in advance (e.g. I might not be on then normally but I usually can be if I know I need to be)

Can you be on at minor update (12 PM EST/5 PM UTC)?: If alerted that I need to be in advance

Are you WA mobile?: Yes

What experience do you have with military affairs?: I used to be a noob fenda in 2014ish, changed to noob raider in 2015ish, and became a Warden in 2016. I left TGW in 2018 because I was WA locked in Lazarus as a spy and unable to do any ops with them, and am currently unaffiliated militarily although I remain in Libcord and participate there occasionally.

I have experience chasing and liberating. I don't know how to trigger and would like to learn if possible.

FYI the only operations I am willing to do are defensive (which include helping our allies with delegate transitions), against raiders, or just for training, although I will not leak or obstruct any operations the LRG does whether I'm okay with participating in them or not.

Approved, welcome!

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